Interior Design Alert: Pantone Colour Palettes For 2016


Last month the Pantone Color Institute unveiled the 2016 colour trends for home furnishings and interior design, which, Pantone says, are meant to provide designers with the colour information they need to make critical colour decisions as they develop products and designs for the next year.

“As media continue to move toward more evocative, imaginative and innovative uses of colour to woo consumers, unexpected colour stories are emerging. To capture attention and keep product lines relevant in the consumer’s eye, it’s important to understand the impact that this always-morphing innovation will have on colour and design trends for 2016.” Leatrice Eisemann executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

The Colour Palettes

The nine palettes for 2016 are: Natural Forms, Dichotomy, Ephemera, Lineage, Soft Focus, Bijoux, Merriment, Footloose and Mixed Bag.

Natural Forms:
A palette full of unambiguous hues including shades derived from natural sources including sheepskin beige and warm rosy clay.

Reinforcing the concept that opposites attract as silvers, sunny yellows and electric cobalt blues are combine with more subdued variations of these colours.

Perhaps like its name only meant as a seasonal colour grouping – this pastel focused selection would be perfect for summer with elegant shades of wan blue, pale peach and tender yellow.

A darker toned palette where shades of navy, black, tan and regimental green brush with a mix of brighter colours.

Soft Focus:
This versatile combination of colours is revealed as subtle and muted, often described as ‘smoky’, extremely adaptable to everything.

French for jewellery, which is an appropriate name for a palette that compacts both glamour, drama and intensity across a collection of rich jewel tones.

A playful palette of joyous shades including vibrant greens and yellows contrasted with pinks and oranges.

An erratic collection of colours that supports the idea of throwing off the constraints of everyday life and instead enjoying the freedom of the outdoors, indulging in vacation-destination blues and blue/greens.

Mixed Bag:
An eclectic assortment of pattern and print with exciting and unique colours like pirate black and mandarin red, as well as violet and florid orange.


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