Introducing Our New Collection: Raku Square Tiles

Raku Square Tiles take inspiration from the traditional artisan firing technique originating in Japan, that’s famous for its masterful look. Our collection perfectly captures the look of this technique as it features the characteristic crazing, texture and tonal variation through Layer Tech digital printing, where different tiers can be created on the same tile, bringing Raku Square Tiles‘ beauty to new heights!

These tiles pair beautifully with our Raku Tiles – made in the same style as Raku Square, they are available in 7 different colourways and designed in a brick-shaped format.

Take a closer look at the collection

Available in 4 colours with 15 variations, Raku Square Tiles are designed in a hard-wearing white bodied ceramic format with a striking crackled glaze and a combined matt and gloss finish, giving these tiles an antiqued, handmade quality.


Mixed tones of blue and white collide together like waves on the shore, with unique textures and tonal variations that bring our Raku Square Blue Tiles to life. 

These oceanic tiles are sure to make a statement wherever they are in the home as the bold colour and raw design give them a bold look.

The vibrant blue hue works beautifully with the combined matt and gloss finish.


A deep teal hue washes over our Raku Square Teal Tiles, meeting with white and yellow in a striking, vintage-style fashion. 

The bold contrast between teal and white creates a statement look that’s perfect for adding character to your home.

We love pairing these tiles with organic elements like wood and brick to really make their uniqueness shine.


With a look like frozen ice and freshly fallen snow, the combined matt and gloss finish of our Raku Square White Tiles brings a fresh, uplifting feel to your interiors.

If you’re looking for a more subtle look for your home, then these are the perfect fit for you!

These tiles still have their unique, characterful look thanks to the combination of a matt and gloss finish.


Mingled tones of white and grey combine to create the unique, vintage-style look of our Raku Square Silver Tiles. 

The variated shades of grey work beautifully with the combination of matt and gloss finishes for a charming, rustic look.

The lighter shades of grey really stand out, creating a bold, dramatic look.

How would you style our Raku Square Tiles? We’d love to know! Tag us in your projects on Instagram @wallsandfloors.

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