Make An Entrance: Decorating Ideas for the Hallway

The hallway is usually the first thing your guests see when they enter your home. It’s also the first sight you’re greeted with when you come home from a hard day at work. For these two reasons, it’s important that your hallway makes a great first impression. To help you create an entrance you can be proud of, here are 5 fantastic hallway decorating ideas…

1) Add some pattern

The age of the patterned tile has returned! Patterned surfaces were huge in the 1970s. Now, they’re back, and they’re bigger and better than ever! Pattern tiles are perfect for creating a characterful statement floor in a hallway; something that is guaranteed to catch the eye of your visitors. Above, Michelle used our charming Naklo Tiles.

victorian unglazed tiles

2) Create the period look

One sure-fire way to create a winning entrance to your home is to piece together a charming period display in your hallway. Our Victorian Tile Collection is full of traditional clay designs in different shapes, sizes and colours! Get creative with your design, and you’ll instantly introduce an expensive, exclusive look, which will add age, character and warmth to your home.

3) Add a table

If your hallway is wide enough, add a slim, wall-hugging table (preferably one with drawers for extra storage). This will add as a practical space which you can pop your keys and other items on as you walk past. You can dress it with a table runner that matches your colour scheme. To add an instant, homely pop of colour into your hallway, sit a vase full of flowers on the table. We love this Hallway Storage Desk from Lilly Loray, shown above!

kutlu tile hallway

4) Add a chair or bench

Another practical-but-homely touch for your hallway is to introduce a chair or bench. Firstly, it gives you a place to sit whilst you’re taking off your shoes (which is a hallway-must when the Autumn and Winter months roll around, your shoes are caked in leaves and mud, and you don’t want to traipse it through the rest of your home). Secondly, if your friends call on you and you’re not quite ready, they can sit and wait on the chair, and you don’t have to worry about making your lounge guest-ready!

Above, Vicki used a statement studded chair, which perfectly complements the vintage patchwork design of our gorgeous Kutlu Tiles.

5) Add a stair runner

Often, your stairs will be visible from the front door, so your guests will likely catch sight of them. If yours look particularly plain, there’s a quick way to introduce some personality – install a stair runner. This long, thin rug will instantly transform your stairs. You can choose a single colour, or go for a more interesting pattern. Try the above Herringbone Runner from Dash and Albert Europe.

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