11 Gorgeous Dining Room Ideas

Whether you’re dishing up for the family or entertaining friends, the dining room is the perfect place to eat, talk, play games, and enjoy each other’s company. That’s why it’s important to keep the dining area looking fresh and interesting! Here are 11 dining room looks you’ll love…

1) Patterned Rug

Pattern tiles were really popular in the 70s but now they’re back, and in a big way! Patterned tiles are a great way to inject character into a dining room floor space. The monochrome Galena Tiles above have been used to create a ‘rug’ effect. This is where you surround a block of patterned tiles with a plainer design to create the illusion of a striking rug!

Get a free cut sample here: Galena Tiles

2) Reclaimed Wood

The idea of inviting reclaimed wood into the home is a huge interior design trend – but what is reclaimed wood, exactly? It’s wood that has been stripped from one place- like an old factory, barn, or even ship, and has been re-purposed into something else – such as flooring or furniture!

It results in a mix of textures and colours, and really injects personality and history into a room. However, it’s costly – which is why the Swoonworthy Wood Effect Tiles above are a perfect, affordable, and realistic alternative for your dining room floor (or walls, if you’re feeling adventurous)!

Get a free cut sample here: Rustic Blue Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles

3) Natural and Luxurious

Natural stone tiles are a very popular choice for wall and floor spaces throughout the home. But no natural stone is more desirable than Carrara Marble. Quarried in Tuscany, Italy, it’s the material that Michelangelo used to carve David; his most famous sculpture.

So what is it that’s so desirable about Carrara Marble? Well, it comes down to the characterful veining. It varies from tile to tile, so no two rooms will ever be the same; the material allows for a completely unique look. 

Get a free cut sample here: Ruscello Gold Gloss Marble Effect Tiles

4) Vintage

When looking for gorgeous styling ideas for your dining area, sometimes all you have to do is look at the styles of yesteryear! The idea of creating a period / vintage look in the home is one that isn’t going away anytime soon! These gorgeous Pick N’ Mix Tiles have a striking geometric design, which is ideal for creating a statement wall. They also have vintage charm, which will transport your guests back in time!

Get a free cut sample here: Blueberry Vogue Pick n’ Mix Gloss Tiles

5) Texture

Let’s not forget about those wall spaces – if you’re not up for creating a characterful statement floor, then you can use a wall space to catch the eye of your guests, instead! Textured surfaces are a huge trend, thanks to the welcome break they provide from dull, smooth, flat expanses.

Slate Split Face Tiles are perfect for injecting texture into a wall area. Made from strips of natural slate that are bonded together, they form a multi-levelled cladding that instantly transforms a wall space!

Get a free cut sample here: Crystal Arctic Grey Split Face Tiles

6) Speckled

If you’re up to date with your flooring trends, you’ll know all about speckled Terrazzo Tiles! They’re a popular choice with interior designers. But what is a Terrazzo Tile, exactly? Well, it consists of chips of a natural stone – such as granite or marble – which are poured into cement, flattened, and then finished to create a shimmering polished surface! This results in a speckled look, which is guaranteed to add character to a dining area floor space.

Get a free cut sample here: Mizuki™ Ink Terrazzo Effect Ceramic Tiles

7) Reclaimed Split Face

Here at Walls and Floors, we love to combine trends to help you master two must-have looks in your home! That’s exactly what we’ve done with these Reclaimed Wood Split Face Tiles. Remember the reclaimed wood trend we mentioned earlier? Well, we’ve taken that, and we’ve applied it to a textured split face effect format. The result? One hell of a talking point for your dining room wall!

Get a free cut sample here: Reclaimed Wood Split Face Tiles

8) Country

We Brits love a rural, country-styled theme! Farmhouse-styled flooring is a great way of giving your dining area some personality, so charming flagstones are the call of the day.

However, natural stone flooring does require ongoing treatment and maintenance. For that reason, interior designers and architects are opting for lifelike stone effect alternatives, which require zero maintenance; you simply fix them in place, and they look as good as the day you laid them! These Bronte Country Fieldhead Tiles are perfect for creating a country scheme, and they go perfectly with more modern furniture and accessories, as shown above!

Get a free cut sample here: Bronte Country Fieldhead Tiles

9) Hexagonal

Hexagons have been a prominent shape in the world of interior design for the last few years, and they’re not going anywhere! Hexagonal tiles allow for a striking honeycomb-styled wall or floor display. Above, Contour Shadow Hexagon Tiles, have been used to create a captivating feature wall – something guaranteed to get your guests talking!

Get a free cut sample here: Contour Shadow Hexagon Tiles

10) Scandi

The soothing Scandinavian approach to interior design has captivated the UK for some time now. The Scandi style has a particular focus on light and space, which is great if you’re tired of having a dark, dingy, cluttered dining area.

Get a free cut sample here: Dante Sand Cross Tiles

11) Victorian Tiles

Another crossover in trends, Victorian Tiles offer an interesting blend between the popular hexagon shape and the vintage look. Made from clay, they are perfect for creating a Victorian-styled statement floor in your dining area, and go perfectly with a charming rustic table! But don’t be afraid to modernise with some up-to-date accessories.

Get a sample here: Moiety Tiles

There you have it – 11 gorgeous looks for your dining room! Will you be inviting any of them into your home?

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