Say it with Scrabble – A Fresh New Range of Wall Tiles

We all love a good game of Scrabble. Now you can construct words, phrases or quotes on a larger scale with the introduction of our Scrabble Letter Wall Tiles! Get creative, and put them on display in your home. We’ve suggested three words or phrases for each letter. For an example, take a look at our ‘A’ Scrabble Letter White Wall Tile.

Choose your colour

Our selection of Scrabble Letter Wall Tiles come in two different colours! For a clean, contemporary, bright approach, go for the White Scrabble Letter Wall Tiles. They have a fresh, light background. Alternatively, for something a little warmer, and closer to the colour of a miniature Scrabble Tile, we suggest going for the Cream Scrabble Letter Wall Tiles.

scrabble tiles tea cake

The Fired Finish

Don’t go wasting your money on those cheap tile stickers. They stick out from the surface of the tile, and start pealing off in no time at all – especially when used in the bathroom. Get the real thing! Our letters are fired onto the surface of the 100x100mm tiles – giving a lasting, professional finish. They provide the perfect alternative to tile transfers and vinyl wall stickers.

bathroom wall tiles scrabble letters

Create your very own wall art

Made from ceramic, our Scrabble Tiles are perfect for applying to a wall. If you want to tile around your criss-crossing display of words, we’ve including matching plain tiles in the ranges that allow you to do just that! Create your own design, and piece together your own custom-made wall art. They’re ideal for kitchens, bathrooms or living areas, as well as in bars or restaurants!


You don’t have to fix them in place at all. If you’d rather keep them lose so you can move them around, why not just stand them up on a shelf or side unit?

scrabble tiles coasters

If there’s an especially important letter to you, such as the initial of a loved one, you could frame it, and stick it on your mantelpiece to create a contemporary but ever-lasting tribute.

framed scrabble tile mantelpiece

Perfect for a coffee break

You could use them as a set of very stylish and contemporary coasters to sit your tea or coffee on! Scatter random letters across a coffee table…

scrabble tile coaster and cup

Or spell out a word and keep the tiles close together…

scrabble tile coaster set

Give the gift of Scrabble Tiles!

Our Scrabble Letter Tiles make for fantastic, high-quality gifts! Choose a word you’d like to give to someone. Whether it’s something meaningful like ‘LOVE,’ or something more general like ‘HOME.’ You could even personalise the word to the recipient. If you know they love music, you could spell out, ‘SING,’ or ‘DANCE.’ Buy the letters of the word from our Cream or White range. Then go and buy yourself a nice glittery gift box, and some shredded tissue paper. You can pick these up for very little money from a local card shop, or supermarket. Fill the box with the shredded paper, carefully place the lettered tiles on top of it – spelling out the word, and then put the lid in place. And there you have it! The perfect, thoughtful gift – and it didn’t cost you much, either.

What do you think to this brand new collection of wall tiles? Will you be inviting our Scrabble Letter Wall Tiles into your home? What words or sayings will you plenty out? We’d love to hear your suggestions over on Facebooktwitter or Google+. Use the hashtag #SayItWithScrabble. Alternatively, leave a comment below!

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  • Nikki Jones
    Nikki Jones on April 13, 2016 at 11:15 am
    Love these! I have a black and white bathroom so perfect! I will be holding a competition for family to choose one word each and take it from there! No prizes just a lot of fun hopefully!

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