Trend Watch: Metro Magic – The Appeal of Brick-Shaped Tiles

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Trend Watch is our monthly report on what’s trending in the world of interior design! From specific tile designs, through to overall decorative themes. This July, we’re taking a look at Metro Tiles – a trend that just won’t go away! It’s in bathrooms and kitchens up and down the UK – and is strongly featured in the trendiest bars, restaurants and hotels the country has to offer, too! Let’s delve a little deeper into this popular brick-shaped bevelled beauty…

An Infograph Guide to Metro Tiles


The History of Metro Tiles

Our Metro Tiles take their names from the London Underground, where the stations are lined with striking brick-shaped tiles. You’ll notice our Metro ranges are riddled with station names – Knightsbridge, Whitechapel, Blackfriars. In the early portion of the 20th century, each station’s tiling was given its own colour scheme, to help everyday customers recognise them. They’d see the browns, creams and golds of Regent’s Park, for example, and realise it was time to get off the train. (This dates back to before the public announcement speakers were fitted on-board).

If you happen to be a regular tube tripper with a keen eye, you may have noticed that in the London tube, the tiles are smooth. Our Metro 200×100 Tiles have defined bevelled edges – more like those found in the Parisian underground system, the Metropolitan. We think they give a more defined, structured look to wall spaces; especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

Metro Tile Tiling Patterns

So you’ve decided to go with Metro Tiles. Great! Now, you need to choose how you want to display them. It’s not as straight forward as you may think. See the infograph above for a diagram. There are several different patterns you can adopt when it comes to tiling your walls with brick-shaped tiles. You can go for a very uniform linear effect – stacking the tiles in tall, perfect columns. This can be done either vertically or horizontally. Alternatively, you can go for the familiar brick-bond design; the formation seen in any brick wall, with each row overlapping the one below. Again, this can be arranged vertically or horizontally. For something completely different and incredibly captivating, why not try a herringbone layout? This is where the tiles are positioned in a V-shaped zigzag pattern…

Herringbone design using Country Cottage Metro Tiles


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