Tile Accessories and Tools

Whether you're tackling the tiling project yourself, or you're providing your tiler with the goods, the chances are you'll need to add some accessories to your basket. Whether that's tiling tools, adhesive, grout, sealer, or cleaning products, you've come to the right place! Here at Walls and Floors, we have an enormous library of high quality tiling products at fantastic prices.

Tile Adhesive

Once you've ensured you have a sound and level surface to tile onto, it's time to fix your tiles in place using tile adhesive. There are two types – readymix, which comes as a pre-mixed liquid in a tub, and powdered, which comes in a bag. At Walls and Floors, you can choose from all the biggest brands – Ardex, BAL, Dunlop, Bostik, Mapei – or, for a high quality product at a low price, you can choose one of our own brand adhesives, such as Kwik Grip Ice White.

Tile Spacers

When you're fixing the tiles in place on the wall or floor, you'll want to keep a nice consistent gap around the edges, so that you can apply your grout. To achieve this, use tile spacers. Again, at Walls and Floors, there's a whole host of spacers to choose from – at different thicknesses, depending on the space you're tiling and the size of the grout joint you'll like.

Tile Cutters

During any tiling project, there will probably come a time when you need to make a few cuts. Our vast collection of tile cutters will make the job easy! Choose from a manual tile cutter, which is great for ceramic and thinner porcelain tiles, and an electric / wet tile cutter, which is ideal for tougher cuts, such as natural stone and sturdier porcelain tiles.

Tile Grout

When the tiles have been left for the required amount of time after applying to the wall or floor (check the adhesive packaging), then they're good to grout! These days, Tile grout come in a multitude of different colours, and as you might expect, we have quite the collection on offer! To prevent mould from forming on your grout joints, try our own brand Anti Mould Tile Grout.

Tile Sealers

Certain tiles have naturally porous qualities, meaning that they can absorb moisture, dirt and the dyes used in grout. Therefore, there are a few different types of tiles that we recommend tiling before and after grouting, to help protect them during and after the tiling process. Natural stone tiles, crackle tiles, and polished porcelain tiles are among those that require sealing. Fortunately, we stock the best tile sealers the world has to offer. Choose from brands like LTP!

Underfloor Heating

Ever growing in popularity, underfloor heating (and in particular under tile heating), is a perfect alternative to central heating. The heating mats are affordable to buy, easy to install, and efficient to run. Having a heated floor is no longer an unachievable luxury – instead, it's a reality for tens of thousands of households thanks to under tile heating. We have a great selection of underfloor heating products to peruse.

Tile Cleaners

Once your tiles are installed, we want to make sure you're using the right products to keep them clean, and looking as fresh as the day they were fitted. We have a huge offering of specialist tile cleaners in stock.