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Mosaics in the bathroom

When it comes to tiling our bathroom walls and floors it can be difficult to know what options are the best, and what to stay away from. Mosaic tiles can be a great choice for bathroom spaces, whether it be in the shower, on the walls or across the floor space.

In fact, they are considered the top choice when it comes to tiling the shower floor space, as they have a small, moveable format, that allows the tiles to conform to the slight slope you have in your shower, allowing the water to flow nicely down the plughole. 

Stylish shapes and shades

Mosaics are available in all kinds of shapes, shades, and sizes, so there is always going to be an option that fits your needs perfectly. Whether it be dazzling shimmery mosaics you're looking for to jazz up your bathroom, or something a bit simpler like a classic black or white mosaic. Or, if you want to stand out from the crowd and create some extra depth and character to your space, why not try mosaics that are out of the traditional square shape, and opt for some of our circular or rectangular options? 

Easier than ever to install

Mosaic tiles most commonly come on an easy-to-cut mesh backing, making the whole process of laying your tiles one hundred times easier. You can simply measure out the amount of tiling you need for your space, and if you come across a tricky corner or annoying tight spot, you can simply cut the mesh backing to get the shape you need to fit into your space perfectly.