The bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in the house. We spend our mornings slaving away in the mirror - brushing our teeth, shaving, sorting our hair. We spend our evenings showering, or relaxing in the tub. Out of all the rooms in the home, the bathroom is one of the most likely rooms a guest is going to need to visit. That's why it's important to keep your bathroom looking fresh and stylish and new. We've put together some top decorating tips, to help keep your bathroom in trend.


1) Create Character with Statement Floor Tiles

Long gone are the days when floor tiles were boring black squares. Now, they come in a multitude of different designs. From decorative floral patterns, through to room-stealing Moroccan Tile designs. And guess what? They are perfect for transforming a bathroom area. In fact, the addition of statement floor tiles is a major bathroom design trend in 2015. Use statement floor tiles to add that much-needed character to your bathroom or en suite.

Our Azulejo Tiles are suitable for use on both walls and floors, allowing you to transform a room from top to bottom. There are several different designs, making it difficult to spot a repeat in pattern.




Alternatively, for a more compact approach, try our Meknes Tiles. They consist of a grid of different Moroccan designs; again ideal for bringing a bathroom floor area to life.




For a monochrome mix of whites, greys and blacks, try our Galena Tiles. They're part of our stunning range of Zeinah Tiles, and are perfect for bringing a bathroom floor to life.




2) Go green

One trend to consider is the idea of inviting plant life into your bathroom. As we all know, plants produce oxygen - which helps us to relax and unwind. So it's the perfect addition to a bathroom setting. Most plants love moisture - so they'll thrive on the condensation in the air when you shower. They also brighten up the room, and add a bit of colour. Try using creepers - they'll expand outwards, and will fill more space.


Bathroom plant on windowsill


3) The Natural Approach

Another major interior design trend when it comes to bathroom is the natural look. The idea of adding a serene feeling that allows you to feel a little closer to nature, without having to venture outside. In the winter, when it's cold and wet outside, taking a stroll through a country park just isn't practical. So bring nature to you, by inviting raw materials into your home; stones and woods. They don't have to be real, of course. Natural stone and wooden cladding can be fairly costly. Stone effect and wood effect designs, printed with the latest high definition technology, can prove to be just as effective.


These Vintage Wood Tiles from the Louisa Charlotte Collections have an authentic painted wood effect, and are arranged in a stylish crate effect design - great for bringing a bright new look to a bathroom area.






4) Bye-Bye Bath Tub: Add A Walk-In Shower

Who has the time to run a bath any more? With showers proving to be much more instant than the traditional running of a bath, which takes time and precision, baths are becoming obsolete. Plus, there's the eco-friendly aspect to it; showers use considerably less water than a bath. With a shower, the dirt of the day is washed away, down the plughole. With a bath, you're left to wallow in your own sweat. So, if you're not bathing any more, why have a bath tub? They're enormous, bulky things, which take up so much floor space.

Walk-in showers are a much better use of space. That's why they're a trend. Simply install your drainage, a screen of glass, some suitable anti-slip flooring - and there you have it - your own modern walk-in shower.


Shower metro tiles



5) Make A Splash With Waterful Taps

This is a quick, simple update, that won't set you back much money - but it's also a big bathroom trend for the year ahead. It's essentially a tap where the water comes out into the open, and runs down a little channel, before pouring into the sink. But it's smart, modern, and will refresh your sink area.


Waterfall tap bathroom


6) Magic Mirrors

A quick update, adding multiple mirrors to your bathroom adds depth to the room. It's an age-old trick used to make small rooms seem larger. It also allows the light to bounce around the room - making it much brighter. Plus there's the bonus of being able to check out how you look, no matter where you are in the room.


Mirrors in bathroom


7) Step Up Your Towel Storage

Do away with traditional towel racks this year. They're dated and boring. There's a new way of displaying your towels in 2015. And it involves something you might have out in your shed. A stepladder. Wooden, of course - so that it fits in with the natural trend. You lean it up against the wall, (fix it in place, if you feel you have to) and then hang your towels over the rungs.


8) Rug

Rugs are widely considered a living room accessory. But we say you can use a rug or runner in any room! Particularly the bathroom. They help to anchor the room, they add additional decoration to the floor, and they can help to break up a larger floor space. Large rooms can feel quite impersonal - definitely not what you want in your bathroom. So use this simple trick to help make the room seem smaller.


9) A Metro Wall

As we mentioned earlier on, white walls in a bathroom are traditional. If, of course, you're not tempted by wood effect or stone effect. Having said that, there's no reason a white wall has to be boring. You don't have to go for plain square tiles. There are other options available. White Metro Tiles are one shining example. A brick-shaped tile with a bevelled edge, they add a defined look to an interior wall space, and add a wonderful vintage appearance.

They're as cheap as chips - starting from less than ten pounds per square metre. So they're a great way to bring a fresh new look to a bathroom wall space. Even if you're just creating a splashback behind a sink area. T





10) The Colour of the Year

Pantone, the world's leading colour authority, announced that their colour of the year for 2015 is Marsala. It's a rich, earthy wine red, and we here at Walls and Floors love it!




We recommend inviting it into your bathroom. Here are some ideas how:

You could choose a Marsala-schemed towel set to hang over the ladder rungs. This will help to staple the colour into your bathroom.




You could choose a Marsala-coloured rug to help break up that floor space (if your bathroom is fairly large).




You could hang a Marsala-tinted clock on your bathroom wall, to help you keep track of the time.






So there you have it - a guide of quick, affordable updates and the latest bathroom design trends. Did you find it useful?



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