10 Bathroom Splashback Ideas

Splashbacks, or backsplashes, are wildly under-considered when it comes to designing our bathroom space. However, they can be a vital part of the longevity of your bathroom design. Bathroom splashbacks save your walls from getting splattered with water and products, which can lead to dampness and mould. A splashback will make it super easy to wipe the surface clean and prevent that nasty mould. Here’s our top ideas for enhancing your splashback space, and keeping your walls from any nasty unwanted marks or scuffs.

1 – Delightfully Traditional

Keeping your splashback traditional and timeless will create an elegant and refined appearance to your sink area, and work hand in hand with the rest of your bathroom scheme. There are many ways of achieving the traditional aesthetic, whether you use a simple and polished tile or a vintage and patterned one. We would also suggest trying marble effect tiles, which are a timeless style, and when paired with some classic vintage-looking accessories can create a beautifully traditional aesthetic across your home. We’ve used some of our Classic Carrara Marble Effect Tiles paired with some classic gold mirror pieces to create this look, and we think the result looks delicate but impactful.

Above, Classic Carrara Marble Effect Tiles

2 – Modern and Stylish

If you’re looking for something slightly more modern and contemporary, try using tiles that are effortlessly bold and urban. Patterns like geometric and angled designs are incredibly complimentary to modern schemes and can create a point of interest across your splashback area. Try keeping to one or two shades or colours when going for a modern scheme, as too many in one place can become overwhelming to the eye, creating more of an eclectic look. We think our combination of these deep green Gatsby Forest Tiles paired with the wood slats alongside the splashback make the perfect modern scheme and create a tranquil oasis in this bathroom space.

Above, Gatsby Forest Tile

3 – Beautifully Metro

Metro tiles are a modern and innovative way of refreshing your space, as they can be laid in so many variations, creating a unique design across your home. The possibilities with metro tiles are a massive selling point when shopping for tiles. Their simple format makes way for other colours and designs to be implemented alongside them. Our Rhian Blanco White Matt Brick Tiles compliment this scheme effectively, with the splashback looking seamless and smooth. They work well with the pink and allow for the shade to shine, not taking away any of its spotlight.

Above, Rhian Blanco White Matt Brick Tiles

4 – Pretty in Pink

Pink can be a bold and inviting colour in the bathroom space. It stands out and allows us to feel comforted and welcomed to the bathroom. This can be achieved with a pink splashback, a simple and elegant way of injecting splashes of the popular colour. Whether your pink tiles are patterned or plain and simple, the same beautiful effect can be achieved, and it doesn’t have to be all girly and frilly. Our Vernice Bon Bon Pink Tiles are an effective example of creating a fresh and stylish splashback, that works hand in hand with the décor around the rest of the space.

Above, Vernice Bon Bon Pink Tiles

5 – Trendy Terrazzo

Terrazzo effect tiles are becoming increasingly popular in the interior design community, and it’s now easier than ever to get your hands on some of the stylish tiles. The exciting tile style is one that we are seeing more and more of, and we completely understand why! They create a unique and contemporary look, also adding depth and texture to any space, particularly the bathroom splashback area. The fascinating tiles are available in many different colours and styles, you’re sure to find a match for your space. Our Mizuki Fossil Terrazzo Ceramic Tiles are a great choice if you’re looking for a simpler colour to match the rest of your bathroom but still want an intriguing texture.

Above, Mizuki™ Fossil Terrazzo Ceramic Tiles

6 – Retro Glamour

We all dream of being in a glamorous bathroom from the 50s. With the luxurious finishing and magnificent colours spread through the space. It’s possible to do, and the splashback is the perfect opportunity to find a tile that matches this aesthetic. Find a tile with the most vibrantly coloured face and ensure you pair them with accessories to compliment, and you can find yourself transported back in time. Our vibrant Marmalade Rene Pick n’ Mix Gloss Tiles are the perfect way of achieving your desired look, as their gorgeous orange shade compliments a slightly lighter pink shade to create the ideal 50s chic glamour.

Above, Marmalade Rene Pick n’ Mix

7 – Visionary and Vintage

We love the vintage aesthetic here at Walls and Floors. It’s a sure way of creating a space that everyone will love and appreciate, sure to get the compliments flowing. The overall look of vintage-style interiors is incredibly warm and inviting, and will allow you and your guests to feel at home and comforted. For the bathroom sink splashback, try tiles that appear worn and well-loved, to give off the effect that they’re old and, well… vintage. Our Scintilla Silver Grey Star Pattern Tiles achieve this effect perfectly. With their worn effect edges and simple colour palette, they appear much much older than they really are.

Above, Scintilla Silver Grey Star Pattern Tiles

8 – Bold and Blue

Blue in the bathroom is a timeless and classic colour that has been used for years and years. There are many ways you can implement a blue splashback into your space, whether it be pattern or texture, there are options available to you. We’ve opted for texture with these dynamic Raku Square Blue Tiles, that are working effortlessly to create the perfect characterful splashback. Their multi tonal texture and colours create an unconventional and detailed space, perfect for showing off a bold personality.

Above, Raku Square Blue Tiles

9 – Simply Clean

A clean and simple splashback leaves a great amount of wriggle room with accessories across the rest of the space. It allows you to be creative with colours and textures throughout the rest of your bathroom. Whether you’re opting for simple white gloss tiles or matt stone tiles, it’s easy to create that perfect backdrop. We think large format tiles enhance the simplicity of the splashback, as it takes away some of the detail from intricate grout lines. Our Coast Oyster Shell Stone Effect Tiles are the perfect choice if this is what you’re looking for. They are modern and impactful, leaving a distinguished area for your sink and accessories.

Above, Coast Oyster Shell Stone Effect Tiles

10 – Classy and Elegant

It’s desired among many to have the classiest bathroom we can, but we never know how to achieve this. A simple base and background to your bathroom with a classy splashback can be an easy way of getting that desired look. When aiming for this look, sometimes less is more, so be sure to not over crowd your bathroom sink area with too much clutter, as it can become a bit too messy and overwhelming. Our Dante Sand Cross Tiles are a great way of creating a simple and elegant space, while still injecting some of that much loved pattern.

Above, Dante Sand Cross Tiles

Now you have our ideas for iconic bathroom splashbacks, get designing and tag us in your results on Instagram, @wallsandfloors

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard