Adding Colour to the Kitchen; Our Top Kitchen Colour Ideas

Struggling to decide the colour scheme for your kitchen? You’ve come to the right place! As we enter the new year it’s sure you’ll be looking to zhoosh up the home, improving your space and mindset for what’s ahead. The kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s where we spend quality time preparing meals, having coffee with friends, or sometimes sharing time with our family over dinner, so it should be looking it’s best. We’ve compiled a list of advice and ideas to help you choose the best colour scheme for your kitchen, so you’ll be sure to feel right at home.

Raku black tiles across splashback with vibrant teal cabinets and rustic red door in kitchen.
Above, Raku Black Tiles

How to Choose Your Colour Scheme:

Kitchens are bursting with opportunity to add colour, and to ensure you choose the right colours, we advise you follow a simple step by step process, to come out with the best results.

  • Choose your cabinet colours – Your cabinets consume around 40% of the visual space in your kitchen, so be sure to choose these first and work the rest around this decision.
  • Choose your appliance colours – Appliances will often come in either stainless steel or bright colours, so choose one or the other for a seamless look, ensuring it compliments the shade and style of your chosen cabinets.
  • Select your countertops – Your counter tops also take up a large amount of your visual space, so be sure they complement the cabinets nicely, to complete the look.
  • Choose your flooring – Ensure you consider the type of flooring that will best suit your kitchen space and living style, in regards to style, material and colour. We don’t recommend a bright white floor if you have fury friends!
  • Choose your wall colour – To go with your beautiful new kitchen, consider the best colour for your walls… this isn’t always a simple white!
  • Choose your hardware colours – Finally, consider the cupboard/drawer handles and taps you’ll be implementing into your space. A gold scheme would compliment a luxurious style beautifully, while stainless steel works great in a contemporary kitchen.

We’d also always recommend searching through sites like Pinterest or Instagram for some inspiration to find the perfect style for you, as this can often determine the colour scheme that comes along with it.

Now, onto the ideas and inspo!

1 – Combine Colour With Neutrals

Creating a neutral space with a splash of colour here and there in the finer details can result in a truly calming space, still packed with plenty of character. The neutrals you use across the space will create a soothing, almost spa-like, atmosphere, while the pops of colour, no matter what colour this is, will keep things detailed and interesting. We’ve used our Scultura Rena Stone Effect Tiles to create a neutral base across the walls and floors for the introduction of various shades of blue across the kitchen, creating a space with depth and intrigue.

Above, Scultura Rena Stone Effect Tiles.

2 – Be Bold With Black

Introducing black into your kitchen is a bold move, but one we think is worth it! Don’t be scared to introduce the stark shade, as it can add masses of personality to your space. It lets your guests know you’re not afraid to be daring with design and push the limits! We’ve used our Rhian Black Gloss Tiles to showcase this, and paired them with striking black cabinets to create a bold scheme, complimented beautifully by the marble counter tops. The result of these individual choices is a truly luxurious scheme.

All black kitchen scheme with gloss black wall tiles and black cabinets. Marble counter top makes space very luxurious.
Above, Rhian Black Gloss Tiles

3 – Green on Green Goodness

By introducing various shades of green across the same area you can create a truly relaxing and calming space. Green is a great way of introducing a sense of nature in your kitchen, without actually bringing nature in. The soothing shades of green will guarantee you enjoy being in your kitchen space, meaning no more stressful evenings making dinner. We’ve combined our Pistachio Pick ‘n’ Mix tiles with a dark green cabinet, to compliment the green scheme. We’ve also introduced copper hardware to contrast the green, ensuring it doesn’t become flat and lifeless.

Pistachio green tiles across splashback with darker green cabinets. Copper hardware to contrast green.
Above, Pistachio Pick ‘n’ Mix Gloss Tiles

4 – Opt for Timeless Blues & Whites

Blue and white kitchens have been around for years. They’re a classic colour scheme that is sure to work for any space. The combination works for both traditional country style kitchens, and more modern and contemporary ones. Create a layered look with various shades of blue, to prevent the space from becoming too flat and boring. To compliment our blue and white Blueberry Vogue Pick ‘n’ Mix Gloss Tiles, we’ve introduced natural elements like the marble counter top and beige wall paint. This creates a contemporary space packed with character.

Blue and White Tiles as a splashback for kitchen colour idea. Complimentary dark cabinets and marble top creating a modern scheme.
Above, Blueberry Vogue Pick ‘n’ Mix Gloss Tiles.

5 – Go for Industrial Greys

If its a modern and industrial style you’re looking for, consider a grey colour scheme to enhance this. It doesn’t have to be dark and miserable greys across the space, it can be lighter shades that lift the room, while still enhancing that modern feel. By using various shades of grey throughout the kitchen you’ll be creating a deeply calming environment in the kitchen. Grey also allows the opportunity for vibrant colours to be added if this is something you decide you’d like later. It’s a free colour that can be used in many different ways.

Modern grey scheme with multiple tones of the same grey colour across whole kitchen, with seating area and cabinet in shot.
Above, Rhian Perla Grey Gloss Tiles

6 – Pretty in Pink Palettes

Pink doesn’t have to be reserved for the little ones’ bedroom, its a fun shade that has lots of potential for a successful kitchen design. Implementing pink into your kitchen proves you’re not afraid to be daring with design and take risks with your choices. The more muted shades of pink complimented with greys and other neutral shades are sure to have a more gender-neutral appeal.

Kitchen colour idea includes pink splashback with grey cabinets and black and white detailed paint on wall above.
Above, Covent Garden Gloss Pink Flat Metro Tile.

7 – Keeping it Classic With Vibrant Whites

There’s a reason white is such a widely used shade when it comes to designing our homes. It’s a versatile shade that can be used in a variety of ways, complimenting any colour you have in mind. An all white scheme can create a vibrant space that appears clean and energetic. It can be modified to be either modern or traditional, depending on your own personal style. We’ve combined our Metro Chalk Farm White Tiles with a wooden cabinet above the counter top, to create a bohemian look and feel to the kitchen.

White kitchen colour idea with neutral accents like woven place matt and wood cabinet over top of counter.
Above, Metro Chalk Farm White Matt Tiles.

8 – Warm Things Up With Browns and Woods

Anything brown or wood effect is sure to be a great addition to kitchen spaces that need a spruce up. It adds lots of texture and creates a warm and comforting appearance. When it comes to choosing your cabinets for the kitchen, consider wood effect cabinets, or counter tops, adding splash of brown. You’re sure to fall in love with the result! Wood counter tops and cabinets often result in a traditional country kitchen, which we love here at Walls and Floors! We’ve paired our Plush Victorian Green Crackle Glaze Tiles with a wooden worktop and cabinet, resulting in this beautifully natural looking kitchen.

Green crackle glaze tiles are deployed across the splashback with wood worktop and cabinet above.
Above, Plush Victorian Green Crackle Glaze Tiles

9 – Try Horizontal Colour Blocking

Colour blocking is the method of using two or three different colours in blocks across the space to give a unique look. It’s a great way of adding a modern twist to a more traditional space. By using this method in horizontal blocks across your kitchen you can illude your space to look larger and wider than before. It stretches the space out while adding lots of vibrancy. Our Marmalade Pick ‘n’ Mix Gloss Tiles are perfect for adding orange into your shceme, and look spectacular across this kitchen splashback. We’ve paired them with this navy blue cabinet which contrasts the orange effortlessly.

Kitchen colour idea shows orange splashback tiles with navy blue cabinetry and black hardware.
Above, Marmalade Pick ‘n’ Mix Gloss Tile.

We hope you’ve found some inspiration from our list of kitchen colour ideas! If you’ve been influenced by our ideas, be sure to tag us in the results on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors. We love seeing your projects!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard