10 Charming Pattern Tiles

If you like to make a bit of a style statement in your home, then pattern tiles are perfect for you! From striking monochromatic geometrics to colourful Mediterranean-inspired patchwork designs, pattern tiles are great for creating a feature wall, statement floor, or splashback!

Here at Walls and Floors, we have a vast selection of gorgeous patterned tiles to choose from. To help narrow down the perfect design for your home, here are 10 of the very best…

1) Panoply Tiles

Panoply black and white pattern tiles

Aged, weathered surfaces are a big design trend! Why? Because they add personality and character – they make the tiles look like they’ve been there for years, and like they could tell you some stories.

These gorgeous Panoply Tiles capture the ‘antiqued’ look beautifully. You can use them to create a feature floor in a kitchen, bathroom or living area. They featured in Good Homes Magazine room set at Ideal Home Show, in an industrial kitchen setting!

2) Zeinah Tiles

Zeinah pattern tiles in dining room

One of the most iconic types of pattern tile, the classic Moroccan patchwork tile is perfect for creating a statement in any room! This monochromatic Zeinah Galena Tile featured in the Good Homes Room Sets at the Ideal Home Show!

You can see how it’s been used in a block, with a plainer tile around the edges – this is called ‘rugging’. This is where patterned tiles are used to zone certain areas off. It’s a great way to visually break up an open plan space!

3) Texxtile Tiles

An interesting twist on patterned designs, these striking geometric Texxtile Tiles have a detailed hessian fabric appearance, when you look at them up close! Made from porcelain, they can be used on both walls and floors, so you can transform a room from top to toe!

The best thing about these tiles is that you can rotate them however you like to create a whole variety of different looks! From chevrons and diamonds through to abstract displays!

4) Meknes Tiles

Meknes patchwork patterned floor tiles

Patchwork designs are very effective when it comes to creating an eye-catching new look in your home! The mix of different colours and patterns gives your guests plenty to look at, and they’ll spot something new every time they look at your wall or floor.

These Moroccan styled Meknes Tiles are made up of an exciting cocktail of intricately detailed floral and Arabesque motifs, and will instantly transform any area in the house.

5) Scintilla Tiles

These simply stunning Scintilla Tiles transform any surface they touch! They consist of a grid of entrancing star shaped designs, and have a wonderful vintage quality.

Once again, they’re not just limited to use on floor spaces – they can be used to breathe new life into your walls, too. In fact, they look amazing as a kitchen splashback. There’s no room that these tiles don’t work in – from the bathroom, through hallway, and every space inbetween!

6) Pressed Patina Tiles

One of our favourite patterned wall tiles, these Pressed Patina Steel Tiles are perfect for bringing a wall space to life! There’s an interesting story behind their development – their manufacturer was digging around in an attic when he found a set of antique ceiling moulds, and he thought, ‘these would make fantastic tiles!

They have a slightly aged and antiqued effect, which adds to their personality and character, and helps to create a charming vintage look.

7) Hoxley Tiles

An entirely different kind of pattern, these designer Hoxley Tiles use lines to create a powerful visual effect. They have lines scored into their faces at different angles, which results in a fabulous geo-cubist look.

Best of all, the wall will transform with the changing light in the room, since the shadows cast will fall differently! There’s a great selection of exciting Mediterranean colours to choose from for your tiling project.

8) Ledbury Tiles

Many of us dream of having our very own vintage escape, which explains the resurgence of encaustic tiles. They consist of coloured clay shapes fired onto a cement base, and they’re synonymous with period buildings.

However, they’re expensive and impractical, which is why encaustic effect tiles are so in demand! Ledbury Tiles have a charming encaustic appearance, but they’re made from ceramic so they’re easy to clean, they’re slim, and they can even be used with underfloor heating!

9) Contour Hexagon Tiles

Hexagons are still a trendy shape in the world of the interior design, as they offer a welcome break from age-old squares and rectangles! When it comes to patterned hexagonal tiles, these Contour Hexagon Tiles are among the most desirable!

With their striking monochromatic geometric design, they’re perfect for creating a room-stealing statement floor or a striking feature wall!

10) Daisy Bloom Tiles

One great (and simple) way of creating a big impact in an interior space is to create a statement floor, and nothing achieves this quite like patterned tiles.

Inspired by traditional encaustic tiles, these striking patterned Daisy Bloom Tiles are ideal for transforming any floor space throughout the home. With their floral design, they have a charming vintage appearance, which will work well in all areas; whether you’re aiming for a period decor scheme or a more modern look!

The last word

So there you have it – 10 patterned tile designs from Walls and Floors! In summary, patterned tiles are perfect for creating a striking, eye-catching feature in your home. But they can also be used to zone off certain areas, or to transport you away to your own vintage paradise! No matter which pattern tile you choose for your tiling project, you’re guaranteed to create an impactful look! Happy tiling.

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