10 Kitchen Design Life Hacks

Time to give your kitchen a quick update? Include some of these simple design hacks, and make your life a lot easier throughout 2015! They're help out in every aspect of kitchen life - from doing the washing up, through to replacing the bin bag, through to finding the right cleaning product!


1) Thrifty Towel Rail

Tired of washing up, and then never being able to find a towel? Don't fork out on a towel rail. They're boring! Add some character to your kitchen by getting your thrift on! Choose a nice coat hanger, and use wooden pegs to hold your tea towels in place.




2) Bin bag dispensers

We've all been in that stressful situation where we've taken the big bag out of the bin. It's bulging at the sides - bean juice is seeping out over the floor. And we've opened the cupboard to get a replacement bin liner. But the bag roll is nowhere to be seen - lost under a pile of colour catchers and dusting cloths. And when you finally find it, you find yourself in the sellotape scenario; not being able to find the end. Well, no more! Fit a couple of dispensers to your cupboard wall. Essentially toilet roll holders, your bags will always be in plain sight, and you'll always be able to find the end.




3) Cleaning product pole

There are so many cleaning products required to maintain a modern home. Windowlene, Dettol, Laminate Cleaner, Bathroom Cleaner, Work Surface Cleaner. It's easy to let the bottles pile up - and they sit there in the cupboard under the sink, in an unfathomable heap; mixed in with the dish cloths and tea towels. So when we need a certain bottle, it takes us a good long while to find the right one. The solution? Fit a pole in the cupboard. Use an extendible net curtain pole. They expand to fit any size gape. Then simply hang the bottles from it by their triggers, as shown below.




4) Hanging Drying Rack

Short for space around your sink, when you're doing the washing up? Here's a simple solution. Suspend a drying rack above your sink! Once you've washing something up, it's just a case of reaching up and placing it in the drying rack. It will drip straight back into the sink!




5) Embed your kitchen roll

Don't have space for a kitchen roll holder on your work surface? It's much too handy a product to hide away in a cupboard - so, instead, remove an unwanted drawer, and fit a dispenser in the crevice!




6) Ingenious Chopping

Got a couple of spare drawers? Convert the bottom drawer into a bin. Convert the top drawer into a chopping board, with a hole cut into it. Then you have your own stow-away chopping board! Once you're done slicing, simply slide all the residue through the hole, and into the bin below!




7) Unlimited hanging space

Bored of utensil rails? So are we. You can't get much on them either, can you? Nip down to your local DIY store and buy a perforated board and some hooks. Then fix it to your wall, and arrange all of your pots, pans, utensils and accessories onto it. It creates a fantastic artistic effect; whilst at the same time, keeping all of your cooking equipment to hand.




8) Separate your chopping boards and trays

There's nothing more annoying than trying to decode a stack of baking trays, over-sized plates, and chopping boards. The one you want is always sat towards the bottom; making it that extra bit frustrating. To avoid this, add pillars to your cupboard. You can use extendible blind poles again, if you're not comfortable with cutting and fitting dowling wood. Create little slots to help keep your trays and boards apart!




9) Keep your knives and forks on show!

Tired of rummaging around in an overcrowded drawer for your cutlery? Try this simple yet stylish tip. Buy three different coloured plant pots, and sit your knives, forks and spoons in them. Keep them on your work surface, or window ledge. That way, they're always at hand, and they make a colourful, vintage addition to the decor of the room.




10) Keep those pan lids tidy

We all have a set of stackable pots or pans, don't we? Ones that fit inside one another, like headless Russian dolls. So what happens to the pan lids? They're left stranded, and they're awkward to store. The handles make them impossible to stack. Here's a great idea. Buy a couple of towel rails, and fit them inside your cupboard door. Then slid the pan lids inside them - so that the handle holds them in place!




We hope you liked these kitchen design hacks!



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