10 Quick Kitchen Updates

quick kitchen updates

The kitchen is often referred to as the social hub of the home. Whether we’re having a chat over breakfast or having a catch up with a friend over a cup of coffee, it all takes place in the kitchen. It’s the heart of the home – so it’s important to keep it looking fresh and interesting, and not to let the décor become drab and dated. We’ve gone through all the latest interior design trends to bring you 10 quick and easy updates for your kitchen…

copper taps in kitchen

1) Bold as brass: Introduce warm metallics

If your kitchen consists of mostly cool, pale colours, and you’d like to inject some warmth into the scheme, then brass is exactly what the doctor ordered. It has a warm metallic shimmer; perfect for inviting some summery sheen into an interior area. If you have a backdrop that consists mostly of white, choose brass as your accent colour. Fit brass taps, a brass extractor hood, brass pendant fixtures. Dot some brass ornaments around your work surface. You can even find brass stools to line up at the breakfast bar. For a gorgeous patina, choose a rough, brushed brass.

Chalk board in kitchen

2) Be playful: Introduce a chalkboard

Want to break away from the ordinary, and to inject a little fun and creativity into your kitchen? Go for the cafe-esque look, and introduce a chalkboard into your kitchen. Don’t worry – you don’t need to go out to the antique fair and lug home an actual piece of 1960′s schoolroom memorabilia (although you can if you want to). Most DIY stores sell chalkboard paint. It’s mostly geared towards decorating kids’ rooms, but it serves for this purpose perfectly. Paint a block of kitchen wall with it, buy a pack of chalk (coloured, for added interest) and let loose! You can draw pictures, you can leave messages for loved ones, you can jot down memos, you can write up the evening’s menu – be creative!

Coastal kitchen look

3) Sandy chic: Create a coastal look

The coastal theme has been popular in the world of interior design for a while now and it’s easy to see why. When we’re greeted by cool blues and whites, nautical rope and seashells, we’re immediately taken back to our latest relaxing escapade at the seaside. The calming lapping of waves, the warmth of the sun, the fresh scent of the sea, the massaging sand underfoot. It’s a trend that carries us away to a place we thoroughly enjoy – and in our book, a trend that can do that is a trend worth considering when it comes to decorating a home.

So how do you go about creating the coastal decor trend in a kitchen? Think baby blues and whites – reminiscent of the ocean, and bubbling sea froth. Fill a vase up with sand and seashells. Hang a seahorse on the wall. Buy a lighthouse ornament. Take a paint tin, cover it in glue, and coil rope around the outside of it – then, take a smaller jam jar, stick flowers in it, and sit it inside the rope-clad can.

patchwork tiles kitchen splashback

4) Make a splash: Create a kitchen splashback

The most sure-fire way of transforming the look of a kitchen is to add, or change, your kitchen splashback. If you’re unsure what a splashback is, it’s an easily-wipeable surface that stands behind a cooker or a sink. It’s purpose? To catch any specks of pan fat or water which would have otherwise soaked into the wall. Splashbacks can be incredibly prominent in a kitchen; acting as the first thing your guests see as they step through the door. For the most impact, choose a striking accent colour. Traditionally, splashbacks are screens of glass or aluminium. We think they can look a little boring and blockish, though. Tiles make for far more interesting kitchen splashbacks. For an on-trend and interesting look, use metro tiles in an inter-weaving Herringbone pattern.

Transitional White Kitchen with Apron Sink

5) A pop of colour: Paint the inside of a cupboard

When you’ve done the washing up and it’s time to put the dishes away, mostly all of us are faced with boring white voids inside our kitchen cupboards. Why not inject a little colour into the equation? Buy a tin of paint in a bright, eye-catching hue, paint the cupboard back-board and the shelves, and give yourself a nice surprise every time you open the cupboard doors. If you’re not one for keeping secrets, swap your cupboard doors for glass-paned equivalents, and show off your colourful cabinet interiors as a bright, decorative feature.

herringbone tile layout kitchen splashback

6) Hanging around: Add pendant lights

Appearing at all the interior design shows up and down the country, pendants are a trendy way to shed some light on your kitchen. They consist of either a bare bulb or an interesting shade hanging at the end of a suspended cord. They’re great for helping to break up air space in large, open plan areas. They act as visual dividers and help to make airy spaces seem a little more personal. As for the pendant shades themselves, the more unique and interesting the better. You can go for large, industrial, flying-saucer-shaped shades or for rustic lantern-styled options. There are hundreds of designs to choose from. Bare bulbs make for a simplistic, stripped-back look.


7) Hidden appliances

Moving into 2017, a major design trend is the use of hidden appliances. Do away with the stainless steel appliances, which look cold and uninviting. Introduce appliances that allow for matching cabinet faces, to hide them away and keep your units looking uniform.

kitchen worktop

8) Au naturel: Replace your work surface with natural stone or wood

The work surface covers a lot of space in any kitchen. It’s therefore a prominent part of the kitchen – and a work surface that lacks in looks can bring down the impact of the whole room. When it comes to work surfaces, you can really tell the difference between the real thing and the laminate-over-chipboard equivalent, so choose a worktop that’s made from natural wood or stone. A major interior design trend right now is the idea of inviting natural materials into your home; so this is a great way to enforce it.

Victorian Hexagon Tiles in Kitchen

9) Make a statement: Create a feature floor

If your kitchen lacks character, why not add a statement floor? A statement floor is basically a unique or interesting floor display – most commonly created by using striking pattern tiles. The statement floor acts as the main focal point of the kitchen; instantly capturing the eye as you step into the room. Therefore, the rest of the kitchen can be kept relatively plain and simple to avoid having a crowded, over-complicated look. When it comes to choosing pattern tiles, Moroccan Tiles are a great place to start. They’re alive with colourful patchwork designs; depicting geometric and efflorescent Arabesque patterns and motifs. Alternatively, hexagons can be used to create a period monochrome honeycomb design.

Lynda Scrabble Tiles

10) Say it with Scrabble: Personalise your kitchen with Scrabble Tiles

Scrabble Tiles are a great way to inject some personality into a kitchen space. When it comes to sinks, you can choose this sink or that. When it comes to cupboards you can choose this cupboard or that. When it comes to overhead lighting, you can choose this light or that. But with Scrabble Tiles, you can spell ANYTHING (literally, if you like). Spell out your name: ANNA. Spell out your favourite food: SPAGBOL. Spell out your preferred music genre: ROCK N ROLL. Add a bit of you into your kitchen! It will look all the better for it.

We hope these 10 decorating updates have inspired you, when it comes to bringing your kitchen up to date this season.


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