Tile Layouts You’ll Love

Once you’ve chosen your tiles, it’s time to face another important decision… which layout are you going to use? Here’s a handy infographic, showing off 10 of the most stylish tile layouts that are trending right now…

Being creative with how you lay your tiles can transform a necessity into a style statement in any room of the house. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a plain or cheaper tile which is installed in a traditional rectangular or square layout but there are so many more tile shapes and layouts to use to your advantage, giving your home the wow factor.

We’ve laid out some popular tile layouts you can try in your project! From the hot-right-now herringbone layout to the more intricate basket weave, there’s something to suit any style. Most of these layouts can be created using a brick shaped tile such as the timeless and if you wish, colourful, subway inspired metro tile.

3 quarter-brick layout

tile layout 3 quarter brick

This is a twist on a traditional brick bond layout, where the rectangular tiles still overlap, but only a little.


block herringbone tile layout flooring

An extremely popular layout for rectangular tiles of all sizes, the herringbone pattern is a favourite for walls and floors alike, and it can add a traditional and upmarket look to wood effect planks.

Block herringbone

Block herringbone layout pictured above, where the tiles start off square against the wall or floor.


Here’s an example of a diamond layout. Two cheap, plain and ordinary tiles have been checkered to create something striking! This timeless checkerboard design will always be popular.

1/2 brick bond

brick bond tile layout

This is probably one of the most instantly recognizable tile patterns! It’s how brick walls have been locked together for centuries and thus, it stands to reason that it’s widely adopted in brick shaped tiles!


linear tile layout with brick tiles

Above, you’ll find a modern twist to brick shaped tiling! The linear layout consists of metros stacked in perfect columns rather than traditional overlapping.


modular multi sized tile layout

Finally, here’s an example of a multi sized modular layout. With this layout, you mix and match to create an interesting and varied display on a wall or floor!

So there you have it – a selection of stylish layouts to choose from. Which are you going to use in your home?

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