10 Trendy Looks For Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the social hub of the home, so it’s a good idea to keep it looking fresh and interesting! This blog is full of all the latest kitchen trends and decorating ideas to help you bring your kitchen up to date this season! From vintage patterns through to luxurious natural stones, here are 10 trendy looks for your kitchen…

1) Vintage

The fast-paced digital glare of modern day life has left many of us longing for the simpler and gentler promises of yesteryear. That’s why the vintage look is such a popular decor trend!

It’s easy to transport yourself back in time when decorating your kitchen. To create a vintage scheme, try adding a splashback using brick-shaped tiles with a rustic, bumpy surface, such as these Boutique Brick 250×50 Tiles. Choose a mix of soft pastel colours that complement each other.

Above: White Matt Hexagon Tiles

2) Hexagonal

If you love keeping up to date with the latest trends, then you’ll know all about the hexagon! The hexagonal shape has been prominent in the world of interior design for a while now, and it’s not going anywhere!

One very simple way of injecting it into your kitchen is to use hexagonal mosaics to create a simplistic honeycomb-styled splashback. Mosaic tiles come in sheets with a mesh backing, so they’re much easier to apply than you might think. For a contrasting finish to white hexagon mosaics, try a black or anthracite grout in the joints!

Above – Rosebery Statement Tiles – May Fair

3) Patterned

One way to get inspiration for your kitchen floor is to borrow styles from yesteryear! With Art Deco designs trending, the idea of injecting vintage patterns into the home has never been more popular! Patterned tiles are perfect for creating a statement floor in your kitchen, and they’re guaranteed to catch the eye of your guests!

Vintage and encaustic effect tiles, such as the Rosebery Statement Tiles range, are the most desired patterned designs, as they’ll transform your kitchen into a charming period wonderland.

natural carrara marble tiles

Above: Italian Polished Carrara Marble Tiles

4) Luxurious

If you’re longing for a more lavish and luxurious look for your kitchen, to help add a bit of style and class into the room, then there’s one trending natural stone that you really need to know about: Carrara marble.

Quarried in the city of Carrara in Tuscany, Italy, this is a marble that through the ages has been synonymous with elegance and luxury. Alive with contrasting dark veining over a light backdrop, Carrara Marble Tiles are perfect for creating a ritzy, voguish new look on the wall and floor spaces in your kitchen.

Above: Menrva Terrazzo Effect Tiles

5) Speckled

When it comes to hot flooring trends for the years ahead, terrazzo is one that interior designers are very excited about! If you’re not sure what Terrazzo flooring is, it essentially consists of chips of natural stone such as quartzite and marble, which are embedded in a cement base, and are given a finish. This results in a charming, characterful, speckled appearance.

Real Terrazzo flooring can be quite costly, and it’s tricky to cut. That’s where Terrazzo effect designs such as Menrva Tiles come into play! They’re perfect for reviving your kitchen floor.

living coral crackle kitchen tiles

Above: Craquelure Tiles

6) Crackle

Inject character into your interiors with the Craquelure Tile collection from Walls and Floors – a selection of stylish linear wall tiles with a crackle glaze.

Above: Muniellos Wood Effect Tiles

7) The wood look

When talking about ideas for kitchen floor spaces, the wooden look is always going to be a classic. However, natural wood is less sought after by interior designers and architects these days, due to its need for treatment and maintenance, and the fact it’s not very durable. Instead, they are favouring wood effect tiles!

Often made from ceramic or porcelain, wood effect tiles look incredibly lifelike, and so therefore carry all the charm of natural wood, without any of the bad parts. They’re durable, low maintenance, and affordable. The Muniellos Tiles above are a popular choice, and they’ll look amazing on your kitchen floor.

Above: Isoline Tiles – Charcoal Matt and Charcoal Gloss

8) Matt and gloss

Usually when we mix and match tiles from the same range, we opt for different colours in the same finish. But now, the ‘matt and gloss’ tiling trend suggests combining matt and gloss finishes of the SAME colour, and it’s perfect for injecting character into your kitchen!

The results are phenomenal, as you can see above, where our Isoline Tiles have been used to create this stunning effect as a stylish kitchen splashback. Once you walk around the kitchen and the light shimmers off the gloss surfaces, the wall instantly comes to life!

Above: Slate Split Face Tiles

9) Texture

As mentioned a little earlier, interior designers are starting to steer away from using plain, smooth surfaces with no real personality or character in the kitchen. Instead, it’s all about interesting shapes, patterns and texture! The latter, texture, is something that Slate Split Face Tiles offer in stacks!

Made by hand from natural slate, they consist of strips of different heights and depths that have been bonded together to create a staggered, multi-levelled, undulating surface; ideal for bringing your kitchen wall to life. They’re also perfect for welcoming the sought after natural look into your cooking area!

Above: Modele Tiles

10) Parquet

Earlier, we touched briefly on the popular trend of using wood effect tiles on a kitchen floor to create a realistic natural look. Well, not all wood effect tiles come in plank-shaped designs! Rather, they come in all shapes and sizes; including extremely stylish and voguish parquet effect formats.

The Modele Tiles above are made from porcelain so they’re durable and hard wearing! They have a lifelike wood effect design, with a parquet layout, to create the illusion of a lovingly carpentered floor. This is ideal for welcoming a vintage, luxury look into a kitchen space!


So, in summary, when looking for inspiration for your kitchen project, here are some great ideas and trends:

> Try a vintage look through the use of bumpy, rustic metro tiles and encaustic floor designs.

> Make your floor spaces more interesting by introducing patterned and speckled options.

> For a trendy splashback, how about creating a splashback of hexagon mosaics?

> Use natural marble to create a lavish, luxurious look in your kitchen.

There you have it! 10 trendy looks for your kitchen! We hope you found this eBook useful.

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