11 Hallway Ideas to Greet Guests Into Your Home

It’s easy to forget about the importance of your hallway. It’s the first space in your home that you and your guests are greeted with, so don’t forget to give it the attention it deserves! The hallway should act as an introduction to the rest of your home and its design, giving guests a taste of what’s to come. Here are our ideas to spice it up and refresh your hallway space, sure to impress the delivery man!

1 – Radiant Victorian Chic

The Victorian aesthetic that we all know and love is as popular as ever. It’s a personal favourite style of ours so we’re happy it’s here to stay. Real Victorian tiles come with a hefty price tag that most of us can’t afford, but with our selection of Victorian-style tiles, we have options available to meet everyone’s design needs and budgets. Using Victorian-style tiles can be a great way to introduce a comfortable style, with an sense of familiarity and homeliness. Pair with darker tones across the rest of the space to create an elegant and opulent look.

Black and white small chequer flooring in hallways with navy blue walls.
Above, Churchill Snow & Midnight Chequer Mosaic Tiles

2 – Rustic Hallways

To create an industrial and modern look throughout your hallway space, try out textures like concrete, exposed brick, metal hardware etc. The industrial look is incredibly contemporary and stylish, with it being a top trend in interior design right now. It appears high-end but still has a rustic charm, a great introduction to your personal style throughout the rest of the home. We think our Rustic Masonry Classic Red Brick Tiles are a great way of injecting the style into your hallway. These tiles make having exposed brick in your home easier than ever. If the red doesn’t do it for you, don’t worry, we have Rustic Masonry tiles available in shades for everyone.

Exposed brick wall with shelves and coat hangers.
Above, Rustic Masonry Classic Red Brick Effect Tiles

3 – Pretty and Patterned Hallway Ideas

If you’re looking for something a bit more pretty and delicate, fear not, we have something for you too. It is a great idea to use patterned tiles across the floor of your hallway, as it can create masses of texture in your space, and as we’re standing and chatting at the door the floor is often the only thing your visitors will see! A floral and vintage style patterned tile is ideal if you’re looking to create a traditional and cosy hallway space. Whereas geometric patterned tiles are a great idea if it’s a more modern hallway you’re aiming for.

Light blue, white and black patterned floor tiles with white pieces throughout the hallway.
Above, Kingsley Blue Pattern Tiles

4 – Elegant and Sophisticated

Keeping your hallway space stripped back is a great idea if it’s somewhere you want to exude class and elegance. Simple features across walls and floors and minimal décor pieces throughout the space will achieve this. If you still need a bit of texture and pattern to please your inner interior designer, try using marble across the floor space, like our Deluxe Mica Grey Marble Effect Tiles. They are great for creating a simple and dignified appearance in your hallway. Marble is also a timeless feature that you can be sure will never go out of style.

Shiny grey marble flooring with white accents.
Above, Deluxe Mica Grey Marble Effect Tiles

5 – Introduce Strong Monochromes

As homeowners, we typically have a very small space to work with in our hallways. Don’t let this scare you away from using monochrome schemes throughout. It can create an incredibly striking and bold statement in your home. If it’s still a scary thought to go completely black and white, try implementing a third and final shade through accents like decorative accessories, to lift the intensity of a whole monochrome scheme.

Black and white flooring with black front door and side table.
Above, Memoir Encaustic Saltaire Pattern Tiles

6 – Being Unconventional

Our general rule of thumb when redesigning your home is don’t be afraid to be different! Being unconventional and unique with your design choices can be so freeing and exciting, and creates spaces that you can be sure no one else will have. Try out different shapes, colours and textures to release your inner creativity, designing something special to you and your home. As previously mentioned, the hallway can often be a small and confined space, but don’t let this stop you from using it to your advantage and creating a design true to you.

Hexagonal marble flooring with bright blue panelling surrounding hallway.
Above, Bardigo White Marble Hexagon Deco Tiles

7 – Perfect Panelling

Panelling can be a great way of framing your hallway space and tying all of its design features together. Whether you use wooden panelling, painted panels or even tiles to create this effect, it’s perfect to create a traditional and timeless look. It also works great if you’re aiming for a more glamorous aesthetic across your home when combined with darker tones and more intense colour schemes. We’ve used our Craquelure Kingfisher tiles to create a vibrant panelling scheme, with the tiles laid in different directions, creating a unique look that’s full of depth and texture.

Geometric black and white flooring with unconventional blue tiles across wall.
Above, Craquelure Kingfisher Tiles

8 – Wonderful Wood Effects

Wood across the hallway suggests that the rest of your home is going to be a cosy and warm one, which is great for inviting your guests into the house and making them feel welcome. It’s a style that will work seamlessly with most schemes, so you can refresh certain areas without too much fuss. Whether you go for dark woods or lighter ones, they are sure to create a timeless hallway space that you’ll love for years and years to come. If you’re perhaps not too interested in the traditional wood-panelled look, try out something slightly more unconventional like our Woven Wood Tiles below, which offer a quirky layout effect.

Wood effect tiles in a sqaure design.
Above, Woven Wood Tiles

9 – Dark and Moody

If it’s a dark and intense scheme you’re looking for, try deeper tones, and even black accents across the space. Deep blues, purples and greens are all luxurious shades that will inject masses of luxury and elegance into your space, to frame your hallway and invite your guests. Whether you implement these colours through your wall space, floor space or through the accents you use, you’re sure to be met with an opulent and strong result that you and your guests will love.

Dark green square tiles across panelling of hallway and stair area, light wood herringbone flooring.
Above, Capsule Victorian Green Tiles

10 – Enlightening and Delightful

Alternatively, if it’s a lighter and airier scheme you’re looking for, these can be equally effective and delightful for you and your guests. Floral patterns throughout the room create pleasant and delicate designs that are soft to welcome people into your personal space. A lighter colour scheme also enhances space in the area if you only have a little to work with. An ethereal and bright space will help lift your mood, so when you’ve had a bad day at work your hallway will always welcome you home.

Light blue and white traditional patterned flooring.
Above, Arabesque Blue Tiles

11 – Opulent Expense on a Budget

If you’re looking to create a scheme that is high-end and expensive but don’t have the budget, fear not! We have the range just for you! Our Cappella Marble Effect Tiles are perfect for those of us with a strict budget, longing for the opulence and glamour. Combing marble with gold accents and darker variations of your favourite colours can be a sure way of achieving your goals, and designing a hallway space that is sure to make a grand entrance. You can create the same effect with grey marble and silver accents if that’s more your style.

Extravagant gold and tropical hallways space with marble flooring.
Above, Cappella Gold Matt 60×60 Marble Effect Tiles

When decorating your hallways, consider it to be an opportunity to let your personality shine through the design. It’s a space where we don’t spend a tonne of time, but it’s also the first room of the house that welcomes us home, so it deserves the same love and attention.

There you have our inspirational ideas to get started on your hallway redesign. What are you waiting for? Get decorating and don’t forget to tag us in your results on Instagram, @wallsandfloors

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard