11 Modern Kitchen Ideas

Designing a kitchen involves thinking about things like versatility, comfort, lighting and ease of use. Modern-day kitchens have so many new and evolved elements, so having a fresh and modern space to include them all is incredibly important. We widely consider the kitchen to be the hub of the home, whether we’re gathering for a family dinner or we have a friend over for a coffee and a catch-up. For this reason, we believe your kitchen should always be looking it’s best and looking up to date. Check out our top ideas for creating a fierce, modern kitchen.

1 – Keeping it Sleek

A sleek and simple kitchen is a great starting point when it comes to designing a modern interior. Bright neutral shades and plain surfaces can create a clean and understated aesthetic, perfect for the modern home. These simple schemes are timeless, and are sure to last you and your kitchen space years and years to come, with the ability to interchange and swap out your style. White walls and floors also achieve this, as it means your space can grow with you by creating a simple and elegant backdrop for your furniture and accessories.

Above, Metro Chalk Farm White Matt Metro Tiles

2 – Splashes of Colour

By adding a splash of colour into your home you can inject a sense of personality and character, showing off to your guests that you’re not scared of a bold design. Get creative with the shades and colours you use across your space, and you can create a truly inspiring and fascinating design in your kitchen. Ensure you use a colour you know you’re going to love for years and years, as sometimes when we go too extravagant our taste changes and we end up not loving our design. Order some samples of some products to ensure you absolutely love the shades you land upon.

Above, Marylebone Gloss Ivory Flat Metro Tiles

3 – Wild Tiles

Being bold and brave doesn’t have to stop with one simple colour. Try going wild with the tiles you implement into your kitchen, to create a wacky and unique kitchen space that no one else will have. Here at Walls and Floors, we have a selection of tiles available that will be sure to wow your visitors and make an impression. Modernity is all about being fashion forward, and so ensuring you have something no one else will creates the sense that you’re ahead of the time.

Above, Blueberry Vogue Pick n’ Mix Gloss Tiles

4 – Go Dark and Moody

Designing a dark and moody kitchen space can look fierce and dynamic when it’s done right. By implementing a dark base in your walls, floors or cabinetry, you’re opening up the opportunity to get creative with the accessories you use. Darker spaces are often linked with modern design, as it’s something that people used to be quite scared of. We tend to steer away from the moodier shades, as we have the impression they can make a space look smaller, or come across as a dingy and depressing. This isn’t always true! Find elements of the kitchen that work to enhance your space and not take away from it, and you’ll be sure to end up with a kitchen you and your guests will love.

Above, Nantlle Valley Midnight Charcoal Slate Effect Tiles

5 – Use Modern Metallic

Metallic across a space can create a futuristic design, as it can often be associated with the cheesy vision we have of the future. Since this is a connotation we have with metallics, they can really enhance the modernity in our kitchen areas. By using metallic throughout the space, you’ll also be opening it up and making it seem grander than it is, as the shiny surface of metallics will reflect the light around your room.

Above, Elation Textured Gold Ore Hexagon Tiles

6 – Wonderful Woods

Wood in the kitchen? We know, sounds odd, but it works! Whether you want to implement it into the furniture or the flooring, wood in the kitchen is a sure way to create a homely and comforting design, while still leaving the opportunity for a fresh and modern kitchen. Wood creates a sense of charm in an interior, and so in the kitchen where we host our guests most often, it’s good to have textures that will make them feel at ease and at home, like wood.

Above, Friston Wood Effect Matt Brown Tiles

7 – Use Perfect Pale Shades

Pastel colours are a massive trend in interior design at the moment. Their popularity has seen an incredible increase over the past few years, and we can understand why! Using pops of pastel colours throughout the kitchen space creates vibrancy, opening up our space to feel lighter and airier. With the sense of light comes the sense of modernity, as the colours you choose will work together to enhance the beauty of the kitchen.

Above, Covent Garden Gloss Pink Flat Metro Tiles

8 – Alternatively, go for Modern Monochrome

On the other hand, we equally love the look of a monochromatic scheme in the kitchen. It is a bold and daring choice to go all black and white, but we think it’s worth it for the gorgeous distinguished look. If you’re nervous about going quite so dark, pick a third and final colour to implement into the space. Add your chosen colour through pieces like tea towels and dinnerware to create the perfect balance.

Above, Terrazzo Hexagon Mottled Grey Porcelain Tile

9 – Implement the Right Lighting

Using the right amount of lighting in the right places can work to enhance a kitchens natural beauty. If you’ve put lots of effort into the design of the kitchen, its incredibly important to keep lighting in mind, and put just as much effort into finding the right balance. Too much lighting can be harsh on the eye and overwhelming when you enter the room. On the other hand, not enough lighting can create a dark and dismal space, that becomes uninviting. Give your kitchen a good base light that will light up the whole of the space, and then focus your attention on task lighting. This is lighting that will focus on a smaller area, where you will be completing a task, for example, over the worktop.

Above, Zermatt Steel Tiles

10 – Use Fascinating Finishes

By using different and unique textures and finishes throughout your kitchen space you can end up with an exciting and radiant room. A collection of textures in the same space will add impactful character. This is important when designing a modern kitchen, as we often opt for flat surfaces in one colour or texture, creating a boring and often underwhelming space. Consider textured tiles or a unique worktop to avoid this.

Above, Cream Rustic Metro Tiles

11 – Large and In Charge Islands

If you have the room, islands are a very important aspect of the modern-day kitchen. They allow you to spread out your appliances and create a separate dining space. You can implement all sorts in a kitchen island, from dishwashers to electric hobs, the list is endless. Every modern-day kitchen has hundreds of appliances and nowhere to put them, so where better than a large and powerful island? They also allow for many design choices, in that they can be any colour or style you’d like them to be!

Above, Stonemood White Tiles

There you have our list of 11 ways to make sure your kitchen is looking fresh and modern. Be sure to tag us in your kitchen projects on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard