Like to stay up to date with the latest design trends? Here are 12 spotlight tile themes that are going to be prominent throughout 2018...




Although some say it never went out of fashion due to commodity, the square is back. The modern grid effect that took centre stage in bathrooms and kitchens during the 50’s & 60’s has been renewed; the power of Instagram has pushed these classic equilaterals into contemporary combinations with chic, quirky elements; a 70’s revival aids to push through vibrant colours across these tiny squares creating subtle texture due to vast grout lines, whilst the eclectic styling of the 80’s frames bold shapes to adorn our walls with a new dynamic – everybody loves a throwback.




Translated from French, Ombre means ‘shaded’; over the past 5 years this has become a macro trend on both fashion and make-up right through to interiors. The ombre effect provides a calming aesthetic in any gradient, unlike solid hues these satisfying colour transitions display smooth, tonal harmonies that appear elongated and tranquil.

Get creative with your own ombre wall. Use a darker hue at the bottom (preferably one that coordinates with the floor) and gradually mix colour combinations to reveal the lightest at the top – this is an ideal to enhance a personal space in which you can seek sanctuary.



Masculine Elegance

Contemporary interiors are challenged with a more decorative and luxurious approach; Known as Masculine elegance, this change has been heavily influenced by the fashion world and reintroduces the art-deco movement to the 21st century. Dark orients are now common pairings with luxurious materials including high shine metallic to produce a glamorised take on industrial styling. Elements that not necessarily soften, but add a lavish opulence to the raw stripped back theme are now being increasingly included to add a sense of comfort and nostalgia without being too ‘feminine’.



Matte Black

Matte black surfaces will be present as chic, sleek alternative to tranquil greys; a perfect hue to make a sophisticated statement in the smallest of spaces, the vivid backdrop allows carefully selected accessories to animate and energize the room. Interior schemes, especially in the kitchen and bathroom will allow this midnight shade to offer a multitude of bold, refined designs including an offset between matt and gloss, providing a sense of drama whilst appearing completely poised and full of understated elegance.




After the rise of millennial pink throughout 2017 Pink tiles are now increasingly sought after; throughout 2018 we will see increased pairings with luxury materials and sleek finishes providing a quirky take on interiors – especially the bathroom. Opting for pink tiles leaves you spoilt for choice; this shade can be subdued to compliment a warm and neutral colour palette, or given vibrancy when placed in contrast of intense pigments such as black.

A rise of luxury metallic accessories lets you glamorise this delicate shade or alternatively for a little more edge place against more industrialised finishes such as timber, brick or concrete to provide an elegant contrast.




As Quartz and Marble variants continue to be opulent classics throughout home interiors we look to the implement luxury in new ways that aid to convey a luxurious natural aesthetic. Deriving from Italy in the 15th century, Venetian marble workers formed there floors by mixing discarded pieces of marble with clay; today Terrazzo has been reworked into a variety of different colours and finishes across both tiles and interior accessories offering a retro, art deco vibe with a less is more approach.

Terrazzo lends itself to both contemporary and classic interiors mainly because of the marble content, the flecks make it adaptable to almost any colour palette; it also looks particularly stylish in minimal spaces – and not just on the floors.



Encaustic Effect

Pattern tiles will always provide a home with a striking, eye catching feature wall or floor. Statement floors are always a popular choice in both kitchens and bathrooms however they are also becoming increasingly sought to add a charismatic entrance to the home in hallways; other areas of the home such as living and dining areas are seeing an up rise of the ‘tiled rug effect’ where an injection of pattern is framed with plainer, more co-ordinated tiles in neutral hues.

From Moroccan designs reminiscent of classic encaustic cement tiles to coloured antiqued options with floral references, even contemporary geometrics; statement tiles will add instant character allowing your desired choice to reflect your personality whilst animating your home – a timeless tiling trend.



Mixed Materials

The obsession with texture will continue to grow however the way this can be implemented is taken to new levels; natural stones such as slate, limestone and of course marble are combined with concrete and wood to provide a contrasting, yet luxurious feel.

The utilisation of wood provides a balance between cool and warm that you can adapt to any room of the home, whether you choose to zone focal points or simply offset surfaces textures to captivating display mixing natural materials is becoming a failsafe aesthetic – transitional floorings between marble hexagons and wood effect planks look particularly remarkable.



Creative Compositions

Boutique style across homes in the UK has seen an uplift in recent years, many people want to play the interior designer developing their own personal style. As the ever popular metro tile has been innovated in different sizes, colours, finishes an even with pattern, the draw back to plainer styles with a more complex fixing styles is stealing the limelight.

Layouts such as basket weave and vertically stacked brick bonds are now being used to create these intricate compositions.
The same can be can said of wood plank effect tiles; the recreation of ‘parquet flooring’ is highly desired providing a graceful statement to any floor space, popular layout choices tend to lean towards herringbone or diagonal laying patterns.



Mystical references

Over the past few years with Pantone have released their colours of the year to be reminiscent of the world we live in; the new colour of the year for 2018 – Ultra Violet is no different, this enigmatic purple is seen as a symbol full of radiation and vibrancy, often translated into the unconventional.

As we move forward the world around us represents a depth of intrigue and imagination, more and more of us seek refuge in practices such as mediation and self-discovery, interiors will be no exception; iridescent surfaces often related to as unicorn or mermaid finishes, as well as mirrored accents are becoming widely present to provide injections of magical vibrancy, not only to induce an ingenious mind, but also simply to add a little bit of sparkle.




As we strive to bring originality into our homes, shaped tiles are becoming a key point of reference to channel a little pizzazz! The Hexagon has made a resurgence over the last few years making its way to both floor and wall spaces in various sizes, colours and finishes; however other geometric shapes such as Triangles, Chevrons and Rhombus variants are pushing to the forefront leaving our interior spaces with a visually arresting appearance.
Another tile shape taking the interior world by storm is the ‘fan tile’ often referred to as a ‘fish scale pattern’. These whimsical tiles lend both depth and visual intrigue to any interior scheme due to their elegant shape and instant charm. Available in a variety of colours and finishes this sophisticated scale tile is extremely versatile with the ability to cover any space; especially in the bathroom to enhance water features due to their unique mermaid style.



Raw Textures

Textured tiles have been available for a while however the need grows to create a rustic environment that promotes an unspoiled natural setting. Natural tiles and porcelain variants are being applied more than ever as opposed to wallpapers and carpets to achieve a luxurious yet traditional look full of countrified, artisanal charm.

The upcycle movement started as light, bright with an elegant antiqued edge, however there is a distinct shift towards raw materials such as weather-beaten wood with hand scraped finishes and realistic knots; the same can be said for natural stones; tumbled edges and authentic fossil veining are now craved to provide that genuine surface formed in the natural world.

Concrete and oxidised metallic reproduced in porcelain with extreme precision are also fast becoming key elements to building urban themes, not only are these elements bursting with undulating texture, they pair well as a base to fit with the latest interior styles as they gift a charismatic, industrialised edge.


Round up

If you like any aspect of these themes we have devised a fail-safe way for you to implement them into your home with ease, take a look at our 4 interior trends for 2018; full of lifestyle examples, suggested colour palettes and sophisticated tile pairings we have everything you need to select your favourite styles and unlock your dream home this year!



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