Tiles are the perfect option when it comes to giving your bathroom space that much-needed makeover! To help you find the right design for your decorating project, we've put together this list of 10 trendy bathroom tiles...

1) Muniellos Wood Effect Tiles

Wood has been a flooring favourite for millennia. But natural wooden flooring scratches easily, and it requires sanding and waxing every few months. That’s why wood effect tiles are the perfect option for floor spaces. They’re durable, zero maintenance, and easy to clean!

These Light Oak tiles from the Muniellos range are one of the most realistic designs on the market! Alive with texture, knots and wood grain, they have an incredibly detailed print and they're also anti-slip - perfect for bathrooms.

Get them here: Muniellos Light Oak Anti-Slip Wood Effect Tiles, £32.95 per SQM

2) Terrazzo Hexagon Tiles

Bring some fun to your interiors with our Terrazzo Hexagon Tiles! Their trend amalgamation of bright, speckled terrazzo effect and modern geometry is perfect for something a bit different in your home.

They are a modern twist on traditional terrazzo tiles for a fun and fresh approach to tile design. Plus, they're durable porcelain, so perfect for walls or floors!

Get them here: Terrazzo Hexagon Tiles in Nevada Pink, £38.95 per SQM

3) Vernice Tiles

Add the ultimate luxury into your bathroom this season with these charming Abyssal Tiles from the Vernice range: a gorgeous, rich blue shade.

They have a bumpy and irregular surface, raw edging with a handcrafted appearance, and a deep, rich glaze. Their hues differ slightly from tile to tile; giving an interesting variety across a wall. All of this adds up to a wall space with plenty of character, and an authentic vintage-styled look, which is hugely sought-after.

Get them here: Vernice Abyssal Tiles, £34.95 per SQM

4) Victorian Metro Tiles

With characterful colours inspired by period charm, our range of Victorian Metro tiles has grown in popularity for bright and beautiful bathroom spaces.

Their bevelled edge is a slightly lighter tone; making each tile stand out for a tactile finish that impresses. They also have a reflective, high gloss shine for an expensive feel - emulating the rich aesthetic of Victorian class.

They're pictured here in Mango, a gorgeous bold orange hue. Pair with industrial black metals for contrast design!

Get them here: Victorian Mango Metro Tiles, £25.95 per SQM

5) Coast Tiles

With their cooling and calming tones, Pebble Shore tiles from our Coast collection have a charming and subtle stone effect design, which is perfect for creating a soothing natural scheme in a bathroom area.

For a lot of us, the bathroom is the space where, at the end of a stressful day, we can run a bath or switch on the shower, lock the door, and relax and unwind whilst enjoying some ‘me’ time. Inviting natural textures and surfaces into the room can really help with this!

Get them here: Coast Pebble Shore Stone Effect Tiles, £16.95 per SQM

6) Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles

Walk around an interior design show and you'll notice an abundance of reclaimed wood products! From flooring through to furniture. Re-purposing wood is a big trend, and it results in truly characterful pieces, that tell a story.

These Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles perfectly capture that variety of colours and textures. Though they’re made from porcelain, they have an uncanny likeness to real reclaimed wood, and your guests will be hard-pressed to tell the difference!

Get them here: Rustic Blue Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles, £19.95 per SQM

7) Soho Marble Effect Tiles

If you love the idea of welcoming a soothing and calming natural look into your home, but you also want to make a luxury statement, try combining the black and white designs from our Soho Marble Effect Tile collection to create a traditional-styled chequered look.

Alive with veining, they’re full of character, and will instantly bring the floor space to life. Best of all, they’re perfectly suitable for underfloor heating, so you can introduce this as an extra degree of luxury.

Get them here: Soho Marble Effect Tiles, from £32.95 per SQM

8) Nyans Indigo Tiles

Wood effect tiles come in all shapes, sizes and colours. These sleek and stylish Nyans Indigo Wood Effect Tiles have a tone not typical of wood. Their rich blue colour is exactly what makes them an interesting feature piece, and perfect for creating a luxurious statement floor, which is guaranteed to catch the eye of your guests as they step into the room!

These plank shaped tiles can be used in all sorts of different layouts and patterns, but we think herringbone looks the best!

Get them here: Nyans Indigo Blue Wood Effect Tiles, £39.95 per SQM

9) Cappella Gold Gloss Marble Effect Tiles

The natural look is popular for two reasons - not only does it add a bit of luxury to a room, but it also helps to create a soothing, relaxing scheme. Natural marble is one of the most sought after natural stones due to its stunning contrasting veining.

However, it can be a little expensive, and it also requires ongoing treatment and maintenance. That’s where modern technology comes in handy! These Cappella Gold tiles feature a lifelike replica veining to emulate the luxury of natural marble. These tiles are made from porcelain so they’re extremely hard wearing!

Get them here: Cappella Gold Gloss 60x30 Marble Effect Tiles, £16.95 per SQM

10) Craquelure Tiles

If you’re looking for a tile with a bit of character to it, then why not try a tile with a crackle glaze? Our collection of Craqelure Tiles have a crackled finish across their surface; with tiny hairline cracks veining this way and that.

This gives them a wonderful vintage appearance, which will add lots of charm to your wall spaces. There are plenty of exciting colours to choose from in the Craquelure collection, including a beautiful pink tone, which will allow you to master that sought after pink trend!

Get them here: Craquelure Rose Tiles, £34.95 per SQM

There you have it - 10 trendy bathroom designs, that are perfect for transforming your home.