Undergoing a decorating project, and planning a spot of tiling? We've put together all the latest tile trends, to ensure you bring the latest look into your home this season. Take a look...

hexagon tiles


Hexagon Tiles

Hexagon tiles are big at the moment, due to the popularity of geometric designs in home and fashion. Six sided style can add texture and design into your home in a durable way. There are a variety of hexagon tiles, single tiles, mosaic sheets, hexagon mosaic effect tiles, which fit numerous of budgets. You will often see six sided style in trendy restaurants across the UK. Hexagon tiles come in a variety of materials, finishes and colours to suit any room and home.

wood effect tiles


Wood Effect Tiles: Tile Trends

Wood effect tiles are extremely popular in the world of interior design as they really do encompass the trend this season of bringing the outdoors inside. These tiles come in a variety of real wood colours and tones, as well as white washed and grey for those planning a more neutral backdrop; these tiles also have a variety of real wood finishes including grains and knots. There are also many benefits of choosing wood effect tiles over real wood. For example, these tiles are more hard wearing than real wood, will not be changed by sunlight, waterproof, can be used with underfloor heating kits and repairs are relatively easy undertake.

split face tiles


Split Face Tiles

The Split Face trend is still going strong. Typically, natural stone or wood is used, once again tapping into the wider interior trend of bringing the outside indoors. It is best used for a feature wall in a living room or bedroom. You could try tiling around a mounted television or flat electric fire. It's also great for decorating alcoves. These tiles can also be used traditionally in the bathroom behind sinks, to cover baths or in the kitchen as a textured splashback. The uniqueness of split face tiles are created by the natural stone or wood being cut to different sizes. They are arranged and connected to create a staggered effect.

copper tiles


Copper Tiles

One of the major tile trends, Copper is the must-have metallic hue this season. It can be used to warm up a room as copper is a metal that is associated with heat and conduction. It’s a colour base that lends itself well to pink, blush and natural hues. Copper tiles are found in a variety of sizes and types, copper mosaics are perfect for using behind bathroom sinks or for a kitchen splashbacks. An accent wall featuring copper tiles would work well, adding warm and luxurious feel to any room. A benefit of having copper tiles is that unlike the real metal they can be used in wet areas such as in the shower or behind the kitchen sink.

herringbone tiles

Herringbone Tiles

The herringbone layout is a stylish way to lay a variety of tiles throughout your home, rather than traditional layouts. This layout can be used on the floor as well as the wall, and is a particularly effective way to lay wood effect plank tiles to create a striking statement floor. Another popular use of herringbone is on the walls, using metro brick tiles. They can be used as a splashback or a feature wall and even can be used in a blend of colours to create a unique look. There are wide variety of colours and shades that can be used together to create a look that is fitting in with your dream decor scheme in any room.

moroccan tiles


Moroccan Tiles

One of my favourite tile trends! Moroccan Tiles are a great way of injecting some life into dull wall and floor areas. You can use them to introduce colour and pattern into a neural room, as they feature decorative motifs and geometric designs. They create a great first impression so could be used within the entrance hallway of your property! You can even use them in the living area or kitchen, depending on which is more used by yourself. Moroccan tiles are very versatile and can be used in virtually any room of the house. They work well with the botanical interior decor trend because of their bright colours.

Will you be inviting any of these trends into your home this season?






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