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If you're thinking of tiling your home any time soon, you'll probably want to know what looks are trending at the moment. After 30 years as the leading tile specialists, we like to think that we know a thing or two about tiles, so we've created this report on 2018 Tile Trends...


Mixed materials

With the natural and industrial looks so prominent right now, there are lots of 'material-themed' tiles floating around - concrete effects, wood effects, marble effects, limestone effects.


mixx metro tiles

Above: Mixx Concrete Oak Wood Tiles


Whereas originally you might have chosen just one of these for a decorating project, the 2018 'mixed materials' trend suggests that you get a little bit creative and mix and match!


Tile Finder


Metallic tones

Having risen in popularity over the last few years, metallic tones aren't going anywhere in 2018! Invite coppers, brasses, and other characterful metals into your interior spaces. They're perfect for creating a splashback in a bathroom or kitchen, or a feature wall in a lounge, bedroom or dining area.



Above: Boutique Brick Slip Tiles


Matt and Gloss: A Luscious Combo

Usually when we mix and match tiles from the same range, we opt for different colours in the same finish. Now, the 'matt and gloss' 2018 tiling trend suggests something entirely new; combining matt and gloss finishes of the SAME colour.


colour scheme tips

Above: Sea Mist Gloss and Sea Mist Matt - Isoline Tiles range


The results are phenomenal, as you can see above. Once you walk around the room and the light shimmers off the gloss surfaces, the wall instantly comes to life!



Wood effect tiles have been popular for a while now, but the formats in which they are presented continue to change to help keep the look fresh and interesting.



Above: Caramel Varnished Chevron Wood Tiles 


Perhaps stepping from the much-loved herringbone pattern, chevron tiles are big in 2018. They're perfect for creating a naturalistic feature wall or statement floor.



Come to the Dark Side

Don't be afraid to opt for darker colours in 2018 - black will be a popular choice, for its exclusive luxury look, and for the welcome break it provides from light tones.


2018 tile trends

Above: Circular Mosaic Tiles


Contrasting is important, though - for every dark surface, try to have a light one, but feel free to create a black focal point that serves as the focus of the room. For example, a black mosaic splashback or feature strip, surrounded by white-washed walls.



Appearing at home styling shows such as Ideal Home Show and Grand Designs Live, 2018 will see plenty of 'rugging' going on, when it comes to tiling. No, it doesn't involve woven floor coverings.


zeinah tiles

Above: Zeinah Galena Tiles


It's simply a floor tiling trend whereby patterned tiles are surrounded by plainer tiles; creating an interesting block, which could look like a rug. It's a way of 'zoning off' different areas of an open plan floor - see above.


Seamless Indoor Outdoor Living

If you're looking to transform both your downstairs floor and your garden space, then this is very likely the trend for you. The indoor outdoor living trend suggests the creation of a floor area that runs from your inside home, outside into the garden at the same height, using the same tiles, for a seamless transition.


Above: Planate Indoor Outdoor Tiles


This trend helps to blur the lines between your home and garden, and encourages you to make better use of the outdoor spaces; with al fresco dining, an external lounge, etc.


Encaustic Pattern Tiles

Patterned designs are another trend that aren't going anywhere. Starting with colourful Moroccan patchworks a few years ago, the pattern trend has very much settled down in terms of colour, and has become more above vintage revival, with the encaustic look becoming evermore popular.


Above: Ledbury Tiles


Traditional encaustic tiles consist of pressed clay on a concrete base, and they appear throughout many period properties. However, true encaustic tiles are very expensive, which is where encaustic effect tiles come in handy!


Reclaimed Wood

Another welcome break from the traditional wood look, 2018 promises an increase in the use of reclaimed wood. This is where wood is salvaged from locations, boats, or furniture, and is re-purposed to clad the wall or floors of an interior space. This results in a royal mish-mash of textures, finishes and colours.


reclaimed wood effect tiles

Both above: Reclaimed Wood Effect Tiles


Often, certain planks will be painted whilst others won't. This variety gives the wall or floor real character and a sense of history. True reclaimed wood is costly. Thankfully, there are reclaimed wood effect tiles available. It's one of our favourite 2018 tile trends.


Industrial Concrete

The industrial trend has never been more popular. It's all about introducing industrial elements into a room to create a factorial look. Think brick walls, pendant lights, metal-framed furniture and, perhaps most iconically, concrete flooring.


Above: Foundry Concrete Effect Tiles


A concrete floor isn't openly available to everyone. Before you wheel in the cement mixer, consider using Concrete Effect Tiles to create the base for your industrial scheme.



Nobody wants to stare at a plain, smooth surface in 2018. So if you have a prominent wall or floor space in your room, why not inject interest by adding some texture? Textured surfaces are growing in popularity month by month. When it comes to textured tiles, slate split face tiles are king.


slate split face tiles textured tile trends 2018

Above: Slate Split Face Tiles


Made from natural slate, they consist of strips of different widths and depths that have been bonded together to create a staggered, multi-levelled surface. Use them to create a textured feature wall in your kitchen, living area, bedroom, dining area or bathroom.


Marvellous Marble

The natural look will continue to strive through 2018. Why is the idea of 'bringing the outdoors in' so popular? Because it helps us feel closer to nature - and, thus, more relaxed and at ease in our homes. That's why natural stones are most frequently used in the bathroom, which is the space where we like to unwind after a hard day at work.


venato marble effect tiles

Above: Venato Marble Effect Tiles


Out of all the stone types to choose from, marble is the most sought after; probably for its characterful veining. Again, whilst natural marble can be costly and requires ongoing treatment and maintenance, marble effect tiles offer a hands-off and affordable alternative.


Multi-Sized Modular

Last on the list of 2018 tile trends is the use of modular multi-sized layouts. This is where different sizes tiles are used to create an interesting pattern. It's a way of breaking up a traditional floor tile grid, and it helps to inject some personality into a floor space! It's particular popular with stone effect tiles.


manor house lamport 2018 tile trends

Above: Manor House Lamport Stone Tiles


2018 Tile Trends: The end!

There you have it - a complete run-through of 2018 tile trends! Will you be inviting any of them into your home?



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