4 Grey Living Room Ideas Inspired by Flooring Trends

Grey is an increasingly popular colour to use in interior design, as different shades can present the same characteristics as black or white but in a muted, more natural way. Timeless, elegant, and so easy to match, we have put together four grey living room ideas for your living room’s flooring which will help to enhance the colour’s versatility and charm.

1) Modern

Grey living room ideas - dark grey tiles and white blinds

Above: Stonemood Grey Tiles

Minimalistic style is the easiest way to nail the modern look, and dark grey flooring is a bold but excellent way to ensure that your living room looks effortlessly stylish and sleek. If it seems a little scary to go for such a deep shade of grey, why not look for tiles with some lighter elements running through them? This will help to add character and movement to your flooring whilst maintaining the warmth and contemporary feel of the room. Large, dark tiles are a fantastic choice for the modern trend as it creates a seamless effect on open-plan spaces.  

2) Rustic

Above: Muniellos Grey Anti-Slip Wood Effect Tiles

Grey wooden flooring is a classic choice for a natural, vintage style to your living room; complimenting any colour scheme, its different hues within each panel allow for a wide range of options to match furniture and accessories to. Imitation wood is a fantastic choice for a living room as it does not scratch or stain as easily as the real thing. Porcelain wood effect tiles maintain the appearance through grains and swirls which add dimension, texture and character to a space with the added benefit of being low maintenance and easy to install. 

3) Opulent

Above: Soho Nero Black Marble Effect Tiles

Marble is likely to be one of the first materials that come to mind when you think of injecting a little luxury into your home. Typically used for countertops and fireplaces, this luxurious stone is a unique option that will allow its charm to shine through when used as walls or flooring. An excellent choice for its durability and low maintenance cleaning, this elegant stone will not fade or wear as easily as most others, making it the perfect option for a space like the living room with heavy footfall every day. Additionally, the pale, shining surface reflects light to give the impression of more space whilst capturing the eye to stand out as something luxurious and special. We love this dark grey tile with a hint of blue to add an extra dimension to your space!

4) Natural

Grey living room ideas - grey slate flooring tiles

Above: Courtyard Moonlight Orchid Slate Effect Tiles

Bringing natural elements into your home can be easily achieved through variation in colour and texture, exploiting each panel’s differences to show off their uniqueness and achieve a distinctive, eye-catching look. This cosy, country-style aesthetic is a great way to design a living room as it adds a sense of comfort to create a relaxing space. Brushed grey slate tiles with subtle layers and texture will add a quiet beauty to your home for a charming, natural space that brings the outside in.

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Anna Marie Clementson
Anna Marie Clementson