5 Depression Busting Decor Ideas

In the UK, depression and anxiety disorders affect 1 in 4 people at some point throughout their life. Here are some simple tricks you can use in your home décor to help combat spells of depression or anxiety and create a happy home…

depression busting decor

1) Let their be light

Studies have shown that generally brighter rooms have a positive effect on mood, whereas darker spaces have the adverse effect. Whilst artificial lighting is all well and good after dark, this trick really applies to sunlight – letting in the full glow of the outdoor world. So open those curtains, strip away any overly-restrictive netting, and take any large obstructions off the windowsill. You want to allow as much light into the room as possible.

daylight in home

2) Tidy up

Cluttered, untidy rooms also have a negative effect on a person’s mood. Messy spaces that lack TLC can make you feel generally unkept and uncared for, too. And physical clutter can amount to mental and emotional clutter. So tidy up. Bin any litter. Fold up and stash away any clothes. Avoid having too many ornaments on display, or too much furniture crowding up the floor space. Aim to create a nice, clean, open space with lots of breathing room. Be sure to hoover and dust, too. You can buy some great storage units from Ikea if you’re lacking the room to stash away clutter.

tidy up home

3) Get colour smart

If you think colour psychology is just mumbo jumbo, think again. It’s scientifically proven that different colours have different effects on mood. Avoid colours that are overly sombre, like black and purple. Whilst blue is relaxing, and is good for anxiety, it’s a little too cold for a depression-busting room. Try pinks, yellows and oranges; colours that generally lift the spirits. You can paint the walls, or add blankets, cushions and canvases in your chosen colour.

colourful patchwork mosaic tiles

4) Add some greenery

Adding some natural vibrancy will help lift the spirits of any room. Pop down to your local garden centre and buy some indoor plants. A study was published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology showed that keeping houseplants lowered anxiety, lifted mood, and reduced fatigue.

house plants

5) Introduce mirrors

Adding mirrors to your wall spaces helps to increase the visual size of the room. This creates the illusion of more space and breathing room. Reflective surfaces also help to bounce light around the room, which will make the space seem brighter, too.

mirror in living room

So in summary:

- Let in more daylight
- Tidy up any clutter and buy more storage if needed
- Choose bright, friendly colours
- Add some houseplants
- Create the illusion of more space with mirrors

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