5 Easy DIY Places To Install Metro Tiles

Metro tiles are one of the most popular tile choices around.

Inspired by the tiles seen in the London Underground, they are also known as subway tiles – and they receive on average a whopping 14,800 searches per month in the UK on Google! That’s nearly 500 searches PER DAY.

Metro tiles in Elephant and Castle

Generally Metros are crafted from ceramic, which is one of the easier materials to work with when it comes to tile installation – perfect for DIY!

With spare time to potter about the house, why not get inspired to redecorate with Metro tiles? They’re easy to install and allow a multitude of designs and colour-ways due to their popular and timeless style. Below, we’ve got 5 different places you can use Metros – and achieve the look yourself!

A Stylish Splash-back

Splash-backs are usually thought of as those standard sheets of metal behind the hob. But who said they have to be boring? Their purpose of catching splashes and spits of oil and food can still be fulfilled by using stylish tiles!

Metro’s brick shape makes them a great choice for a splash-back design, as they can be stacked and laid in many different directions to create unique designs. Plus, a splash-back’s smaller surface area means it could easily be a fun Saturday project to rejuvenate your kitchen.

Check out these Almond Rustic Metro tiles in a herringbone design – they add something a bit different to a usual brick format whilst still being just as practical. Their undulating texture is something a bit more unique for a Metro tile, and they look great paired with woods and metallics.

A Snug Fireplace

Fireplaces are often at the heart of the room, and the home – so give them some love! Metro tiles look gorgeous in fireplaces, and they’re the opportunity to introduce a pop of colour to your living room. Fireplaces are rarely larger than a metre, so this is a nice easy project to get your teeth in to that makes all the difference.

We love this Victorian inspired home’s injection of green using our Victorian Metro tiles. The emerald hue looks stunning paired with natural plants and rich wooden tones for period design.

Due to the heat emitted from fireplaces, make sure to use a heat resistant adhesive like this one for the best results possible.


A Decorative Cloakroom

Cloakrooms are often seen as simple spaces, but we think they’re a great opportunity for some interior design! Their small size is often an opportunity to work with illusions and tricks in order to make the space appear larger.

Choosing a half-tiled wall will not only save you time – but it is a great trick to make a room appear larger! Pair with light coloured Metros in a gloss finish, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for some great small space design.

@houseof_hannah has paired the bevelled edge of the glossy White Metros with a matching edged mirror to create a cloakroom as gorgeous as it is functional!

An Inviting Hallway

They say first impressions count… so make it a good one and use Metro tiles in your hallway! Pair with a patterned floor for the ultimate style combination and to really add character to your home.

We love the look of these blue Bond Street Metro tiles paired with our Ledbury Marina tiles for a space that is just as stylish as it is practical. Easy to wipe down, Metros are great for those splashes of mud and rain that may end up on the walls from walking the dog!

A Designer Shower

Metro tiles (from what we can see on Instagram) are most commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms and we love them as the sides to a shower cubicle! Nothing beats a classic White metro paired with industrial accessories – we love the look of matte black taps and shower screens as a contrasting texture and colour.

Here, we’ve paired our White Metro tiles with our Zebra tiles for the ultimate monochrome statement. Rather than tile all the walls floor to ceiling, just focus on the walls the shower will splash for a smaller and simple DIY project!

Make sure to use waterproof adhesive like this one for best results!

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