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Marvellous metro

Metro-shaped tiles are increasingly popular in interior design at the moment, as they are versatile and can be used across any space to create a contemporary look and feel to your home. Their rectangular shape also allows for them to be laid in many different variations, such as a brick bond or herringbone, so dont be scared to get creative with how you lay them. This combined with our wide range of Coloured Grout is a great way of creating a fun and stylish interior. 

Dazzling whites

White metro tiles can be the perfect way of refreshing your dull and dreary space, bringing it a new lease of life. Create the perfect backdrop for the rest of your home, complementing your existing style perfectly. We think white metro tiles are the perfect way of getting that trendy and stylish look, without being too daring with bright colours. If you would still like to inject a little colour into your brilliantly White Tiles, try being brave with the shade of grout you’re using, and choose from our wide selection to get you on the right track.   

Beautifully bevelled or fabulously flat

If you’re looking to add texture and depth to your wall space, try out a bevelled metro tile. They can be a simple and elegant way of creating drama and character, while still being classy and chic. If you’re looking for something slightly flatter and more level, we have plenty of those too! Flat metro tiles create a clean and sophisticated appearance, paired with the fresh white shade, creating the perfect balance. For those of us worried about keeping white metro tiles clean, dont worry, most flat metro tiles have a glossy finish, and so can easily be wiped down to refresh them to their former glory.