5 Space Saving Ideas for Small Kitchens

Got a small, poky kitchen? Create more breathing room to cook, eat and relax in with these 5 simple space saving ideas for small kitchens.

Multi functional kitchen living space

1. Multifunctional Living

Open plan living can sometimes be tricky when it comes to space saving whilst zoning particular areas. In many apartments a kitchen often doubles up as a living area; maximise space by making as much as possible multifunctional, for example an island could have a sink or a cooker hob but also adapt as a dining spot! Choosing dark, high gloss surfaces will amplify light making the room appear more spacious without it being too airy. Finalise by adding both comfort and style with pops of colour, soft furnishings such as a statement chair and a plush rug.

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streamlined kitchen

2. Streamlined Style: Space Saving Ideas for Small Kitchens

Often older terrace housing can pose elongated kitchen / dining areas that once all the cupboards are in don’t leave much room for functionality – this can be especially tedious in the summer months. Give yourself a kitchen extension into the great outdoors with seamless flooring! Many of our porcelain tiles have an anti-slip option available making way for the perfect terrace space, add a set of folding/sliding doors, your favourite outdoor furnishings and invite your friends over!

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light and bright kitchen

3. Keep it Light & Bright

White is always a classic option for a small space, it goes with everything and clashes with nothing; this versatile colour will even allow a feature in the smallest of spaces injecting a much needed texture to the canvas. When it comes to furnishing try both a table and cupboards also in white, not only do they blend in, they also widen the space. Everything counts in a small kitchen, the addition of colourful accessories can make the room more inviting; combine with natural flooring to ground the scheme with an organic element aiding in the balance of the overall look.

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subjacent styling kitchen tiles

4. Subjacent Styling

Small kitchens can appear over crowded due to overhead bulky cupboards; it’s time to ditch them! Keeping everything low level will instantly open up your eye-line; replace with high level shelving for essentials and don’t worry about losing storage – the more space we tend to fill it with rubbish! Stop your walls looking bare by creating a feature backdrop, brick tile blends work well as they won’t date – if you’re feeling super stylish try a herringbone layout! Add elements of luxe with high shine metallic accessories and fresh flowers; incorporate a rich wood blend floor to keep your newly de-cluttered space looking cosy!

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space saving ideas for small kitchens

5. Focus on Function

One of our favourite space saving ideas for small kitchens is focusing on functionality. Keeping both decor and appliances simple in a small kitchen area will often make the space appear contemporary and fresh – this approach is especially good for apartments. High shine white cabinets & glossy black wall tiles offer a classic monochrome combination whilst enhancing light in a room. The black floor used here has a subtle sparkle that works to compliment the added metallic items; providing a little extra luxury to an otherwise plain spacious scheme. This timeless canvas will still be current if you come to sell in a few years’ time; also most landlords will not have an issue with this type of modernistic decor as it would add value to their property.

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