5 Steps For A Cosy Living Room

Tartan sofa

Heading towards winter, the long nights seem to stretch on forever – and if you find yourself spending more time indoors, we’ve got plenty of handy hints to help you keep the cold outside.

From banishing blustery winds by keeping cosy by the fire to warming up your home with fleecy blankets and fluffy throws, we’re bringing you some actionable tips for embracing the season and bringing you one step closer to a living room you love.

1. Flooring that fits

Whether you’re living it up in the city or residing somewhere more remote, you can bring a touch of country living to your home with faux log cabin flooring. Wood effect tiles will not only bring warmth to your room, they’ll also break up your living area and create a rustic, natural feel to your interior. There’s a world of flooring options waiting to be explored, and if charm is what you’re looking for, vintage tiles will help your living area stand out from the crowd – bringing your room to life with a variety of bold and beautiful patterns.

Antique wood effect tiles

2. The tartan effect

As storms continue to batter Britain, staying wrapped up warm indoors can be tempting – and whether you’re binge watching TV or spending quality time with the family, comfort is key. From thick throws to tartan and tweed cushions, adding a touch of TLC to your living room will make it all the more appealing on those chilly nights. With home accessories easily interchangeable, you can switch out your colour choices between seasons or whenever you feel like a change – without having to overhaul your entire interior.

tartan cushions

3. Attract attention

In an effort to add a splash of personality to your home’s interior, you’ll likely find yourself faced with the age old dilemma: to paint or wallpaper? A focal wall can create an instant impact in your living space at little cost. By using feature wallpaper, you can achieve a variety of patterns and effects, injecting colour and helping you put your stamp on your room. From fancy florals to concrete effects, your choice of wallpaper can help set the tone of your living area – providing you with a slice of paradise away from the chilly outdoors.

4. Let there be light

From flickering candles to cleverly placed wall lamps, lighting can play an integral role in creating a cosy atmosphere in your home. As the room in which you and your family are likely to spend the most time, the living room should be a space where you can all feel relaxed and comfortable – and choosing the best lighting shades will ensure you feel right at home. If you’re on the hunt for ambience, swapping out stark overhead lighting for wall lights, lamps and candles can help create a more mellow mood. Playing around with lower wattage, energy efficient bulbs will also add instant warmth to your living room, so spend some time finding your perfect shade.

Feature ceiling light

5. Hang it up

Thick curtains are a great way to keep the cold at bay, eliminating any unwelcome draughts and breezes – but they can be implemented in more places than just your windows. Voiles can be used to cover doors or divide up your room, separating individual areas. This is particularly effective in large, airy rooms where heat tends to escape. By hanging curtains from your ceiling, you can create an instantly cosier room – without the need to take up any valuable floor space.

Whether it’s shaking up your lighting choices, sprucing up your scatter cushions or saying goodbye to dull wallpaper, by investing time in your interior, you can ensure you’re left with a living room you love – this winter and all year round.


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