5 Tips For A Pet Washing Station

So you’ve been out for a long relaxing countryside walk with your favourite four-legged friend who happens to be a big fan of rolling around in mud. Don’t want to end up with a bathroom covered in mud and paw prints? Then create a pet washing station. They can be installed in a kitchen utility room or near the back door, or even combined with your existing laundry room. Here are 5 top tips for installing a pet washing station.

Pet washing station dog shower

1) Make it the right size

Make sure you have adequate space for your pet washing station and design it in mind with the breed of your dog. smaller breeds can have smaller stations such as a deep sink with stairs up to the sink to save bending down. A larger breed of dog may need a larger tub or even a small enclosed shower. Its also important to pick tiles that are recommended for wet areas or anti-slip tiles to minimise any accidents.

pet washing station

2) Fit a shower or sprayer!

A handheld shower-head or a pull out sprayer is a must. It will help you rinse off your dog properly and is just as handy when they need a quick paw rinse! Also this space is perfect for doubling up as a mud room as well, for example you can use the shower head to wash off muddy wellies or walking boots.

3) Keep everything you need to hand

Make sure you have room for storing accessories such as shampoo, sponges and towels. It’s important a towel rack is nearby to minimise the risk of the big coat ‘shake’ that every dog does. There are plenty of small towel rails or towel hooks that can be installed in any space.

muddy boots dog

4) Inject your own style

Incorporate your own style into the dog washing station; just because it is functional it doesn’t have to be boring, and will blend in much better if it follows your own style in the rest of the home.

5) Make it your dog’s space

Personalise the space for your dog. If you have enough space you could expand this practical area into a space exclusively for your dog. Including a dog bed, a feeding station, toy storage, grooming equipment, leads and collars. This then frees up the downstairs of your home and you won’t keep collecting dog toys from every room or finding drinking water splashes in the kitchen.

pet washing station accessories

1. Hug Rug, Paws, L65 x W85cm, £39.99, John Lewis.

2. Pet London Silicone Double Dog Bowl, Grey, £18, John Lewis.

3. Cottage Charcoal Tiles, £14.95/sqm, Walls and Floors.

4. Dog Tail Wall Mounted Coat Rack by Fallen Fruits, £15.99, Wayfair.co.uk.

5. Travertine Tiles, £19.95/sqm, Walls and Floors.

6. Pug Printed Wellies, £39.95, Joules.

7. Purplebone Soho Dog Collar, Neon Pink, £13.99, John Lewis.

8. Purplebone Soho Dog Lead, Neon Pink, £13.29, John Lewis.

9. Percher Pet Bed, Pine Dog, £34.95, Joules.

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