5 Ways to Match Your Home to Your Personality

Designing your interior décor is an opportunity to inject your personality into your living space and let your home echo your identity – but where to begin? From fiery to chilled and energetic to laid back, we’ve put together some interior design ideas to help you match your home to your personality.


From the rich fibres of carpets to modern laminates, your flooring options are endless. Despite being a consistent feature throughout the home, flooring design is often overlooked – but it can create a foundation for the kind of home you want yours to be. Your choice of flooring can be tailored to suit your penchant for nature or interest in cutting-edge design – and can set off a theme for your other interior options.


Are you looking to mix up your lighting? From ceiling lights to freestanding lamps, simple to extravagant shades and ambient to stark lighting, you can adapt your lighting choices to reflect your personality and taste. If you are a practical go-getter, you might prefer more dramatic lighting – while a relaxed character would suit soft and ambient lights. With options ranging from dimmer switches to pull chords, there are a plethora of lighting options waiting to be explored and ready to help you brighten up your home.


Your choice of furniture offers a perfect opportunity to inject some personality into your living space – and whether you are a more practical person or prefer a minimalist approach, you can adapt your furniture choices to suit your unique tastes. From rustic storage chests to more functional furniture options, there are any number of styles to match to your personality.

When it comes to more practical furniture options, tables can serve as a feature in almost any room in your home – and whether you are looking for a handy bedside table or a retro coffee table, you can find a design that represents you. Chairs adhere to a similar rule, in that no two personalities prefer the same sort of seating setup. While new mums might long for a soothing rocking chair, those who work from home may prefer a more posture-friendly office seat. Your style choices can be designed to suit your lifestyle as well as personality – meaning that, from huge armchairs to chic stools, you have complete control over your interior setup.

Colour palettes

At the heart of any home interior is colour choice – and you are guaranteed to find your perfect fit thanks to a glorious spectrum of shades to suit any mood. From pretty pastels to cool chromes, there is an array of colours at your disposal. If you are a fun, active character, pastel shades will allow this to be reflected in your decor – whereas rich reds and sunny oranges help to create a warm and friendly family home. And while loud, vivid colours are representative of more outgoing personalities, subtle, light blushes reflect a more calm character.


The beauty of selecting accessories for your home is that you can wile away the hours in bespoke boutiques or browse the internet in search of the perfect item. If you are a fan of photography, funky framing can lift the mood in any living room – and if vintage designs are more your style, you can experiment with used wine bottles as vases or ornamental bird cages as candle holders. Mirrors are also an effective way of adding an element of personality to your home, as you can choose from size, style, frame and colour – as well as deciding which design is best suited to each room.

So, whether you are working from an entirely blank canvas or looking for ways to inject your personality into an existing property, these tips are guaranteed to help you get inspired.

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