7 Space Saving Ideas for a Small Bathroom

small bathroom

It is often referred to as the smallest room in the house and usually for very good reason! If you are finding you are running out of space in your small bathroom here are a few hints and tips for maximising the space you have.

small bathroom

1. Light Colours

Whilst this doesn’t actually change the size of the bathroom, it creates the impression that the bathroom is bigger than it really is. Majority of bathrooms are white for this very reason as the colour uses and reflect light rather than darker colours that absorb it. This can be further enhanced with a secondary colour such as blue or pink. Use light walls and an even lighter ceiling and floor to create the illusion that your bathroom is a lot bigger than it really is.

louisa charlotte tiles collection

2. Mirrors

All bathrooms need a mirror. It is a common move in a designer’s arsenal to use mirrors to reflect light and make the room appear much bigger. Use a larger mirror than you normally would or a pattern of smaller mirrors on one wall will trick the eye and make the room look bigger. What about a feature wall of mirror metro tiles?

mirror small bathroom

3. Corner Shelves

Make the most of the pockets and corners in the small bathroom with some corner shelves. Once you start using corner shelves as space savers you find yourself noticing all sorts of spaces you had taken for granted before.

4. Downsize the big bits

Replacing the bathtub with a shower will instantly give you a lot more space. There are more options here than most people realise. Replace a bath tub with a corner bath if just a shower isn’t quite right for you. You are also not stuck with your existing sink – sinks are available in a variety of styles and sizes – downsizing the sink will also save you some more space for storage and update your interior style.

shower in bathroom

5. Over door holders

Use an over door shoe holder to store any excess product you have – from shampoo to toilet rolls, make the most of the space on the back of the door. The one below is available from Argos!

over door holder

6. Shelf over door

As I said earlier – once you start looking for space you will be amazed at what you find. Don’t be frightened to use the space that’s high up, for spare towels or if you have bulk bought items. There’s just enough space above the door for a little shelf that again will save you plenty of space.

7. Keep your small bathroom neat

Organisation creates the impression of space. When things are everywhere in no order it creates chaos and the feeling that the space is confined. Use tiered fruit bowls for a rustic storage, magnet hooks on the side of your medicine cabinet and put free standing drawers inside larger cabinets.

aquarelle tiles

There you have it – 7 space saving ideas for a small bathroom! If you found these tips useful, leave us a comment below!