Re-Light Your Fire: 7 Stylish Fireplace Tiles

If you’re giving the home a makeover and you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, then you should make the most of it! I personally live in a new-build house and although there’s an artificial chimney on the roof, there’s no fireplace inside. So if you’ve got one, you should flaunt it! A well-dressed fireplace can act as the perfect focal point, to catch your guest’s eye as they step into the room. The easiest way to reinvent a heath or surround is to introduce some fireplace tiles. Here are some fantastic fireplace tile ideas…

Splitface Tiles

When it comes to adding the wow factor to a fireplace, splitface tiles are the way to go! If you’re unfamiliar with Splitface tiles, they’re essentially strips of natural slate cut to different widths, depths and heights, and puzzled together to create a captivating, multi-levelled, textured look; adding character to any flat wall space. When you add the warm glow of a stove into the mix, it really highlights their many ledges and layers; bringing the tiles to life.

Pebble Tiles

If you’re giving your bathroom fireplace a bit of TLC, and you are happy with the surround, and you like the rustic aesthetic of the fireplace’s innards, then why not simple butt up to the fireplace with a floor tile? River Pebble Tiles look fantastic in a bathroom, and they add extra grip underfoot! If they look uncomfortable and bumpy – believe me, they’re not. They have a massaging feel underfoot.

Victorian Tiles

Love the period look? Inject it into your living room by dressing up your fireplace with some Victorian Tiles! We have a fantastic selection of decorative clay tiles. Try our Gosford Tiles for a striking geometric arrangement of triangles and squares.

Mosaic Tiles

I love working with Mosaic Tiles. They’re great for decorating and accessorizing just about anything – headboards, coffee tables, anything! Even fireplaces! Mosaics add a magical, glistening, eye-catching finishing touch to a fireplace surround. There are hundreds of mosaic designs to choose from; textured, smooth. one-coloured, mixed. The possibilities are endless! Best of all, mosaics come on an easy-to-cut mesh backing, meaning they’ll easily fit any thickness of surround. Just trim them to size with a pair of scissors!

Splitface Effect Tiles

If you loved the splitface look from above, but you don’t like the idea of trimming natural slate tiles down to size, then fear not – you can buy splitface effect tiles. With a realistic slate effect design, these porcelain Vesuvius Tiles look just as good around a stove or fireplace as real splitface tiles!

Brick Slip Effect Tiles

I don’t know about you, but I’m a massive fan of than cosy traditional country farmhouse look; with exposed masonry stone walls. If you have plain, plastered walls, however, don’t worry! You can still achieve that rural bare-brick look with the introduction of brick slip effect tiles. Cover an entire wall to create the illusion of real, exposed brick; simply cut around the fireplace. Try our Serpentine Stone Effect Tiles.

Wood Effect Tiles

Got a free-standing stove, and want to add a warm, cosy backdrop behind it? Wood effects are perfect for this, and they help to create that wholesome natural look. There are hundreds of realistic wood effect designs to choose from, such as the Seasoned Timber Tiles shown in the picture below.

I hope this post has given you some ideas for refreshing your fireplace, and turning it into more of a focal point.

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