So the weekend is just around the corner. If you're feeling productive, why not crack on with a bit of DIY around the house? Take on some decorating tasks and help to improve the look and feel of your home - for both yourself and for your guests. You could completely change the look of your kitchen or bathroom by undertaking a full tiling project. Alternatively, if you're feeling a little less ambitious, here are 8 simple DIY projects you can undertake this weekend, to help create a brighter, more stylish, more organised home.


1) Update Your Coffee Table

Got a plain old coffee table you're tired of looking at (preferably one with plain tiles or a sheet of glass sunken into its face)? Refresh it by clearing out the old surface lining, and putting in some modern mosaic tiles. The shinier the mosaics, the better the effect. Iridescent tiles have a great, shimmering, colour-changing appearance.

Cost: £4 - £10   |   Time: 45 mins


coffee table customized with mosaic tiles


2) Create a feature wall

Got a plain wall in your living room, dining area, or bedroom? Piece together a captivating feature wall! Transform one room from ceiling to floor by using splitface tiles, Moroccan patterns, or a striking floral design. Feature walls act as interesting focal points, and instantly add an air of style to the room in which they stand.

Cost: £20+   |   Time: 2 hours


splitface mosaic tiles bedroom


3) Colour code your books

Got a bookcase, full of books? Colour code them! It will add an eye-catching ombre effect to your interiors, and will create the perfect colourful backdrop to a living room or bedroom.

Cost: Free   |    Time: 2 hours


4) Add a mosaic splashback in a bathroom

Freshen up a bathroom area by introducing a stylish mosaic splashback. It only has to stand 30cm or so high. It will help to protect your walls from any stray specks of water whilst you're using your bathroom sink. Mosaic tiles also come on an easy-to-cut mesh backing - making them the perfect wall covering when it comes to manoeuvring around tight, awkward spaces. Below, our Marble Hexagon Mosaic Tiles have been used to create a bathroom backsplash.

Cost: £2 - £5   |   Time: 30 minutes


Hexagonal mosaic tiles bathroom spalshback


5) Reinvent your headboard

If you want to bring some life to that tired, plain bed headboard, try applying some striking mosaic tiles! Again, the shimmering variety will have more of an effect, and choosing darker colours will add a suave and sophisticated appearance, whilst colourful mosaics will brighten up the space - adding an element of fun and playfulness.

Cost: £6+   |   Time: 1.5 hours


6) Organise your shoes

Shoe collections often amount to the ultimate mass of clutter! Stacking them at the bottom of the cupboard never works, because you can never find the pair you want, and once you've taken a pair out from the bottom row, they all come tumbling down. If you're serious about your shoes, attempt this DIY project this weekend! Acquire a bookcase - either from the local second hand shop, or a retailer such as Argos. Then decide on a colour. Choose the colour of your backdrop if you want the bookcase to fuse into the background. Choose a bright colour if you want your bookcase to act as a stand-out accent piece. Buy some cardboard storage boxes - the kind with label frames on the front, as shown below. Take a picture of each pair of shoes, print them off in a size that will fit, and stick the photo inside the label frame, before stashing that same pair inside. Then fill the bookcase with the boxes. And there you go - an easily accessible library of shoes.

Cost: £50+   |   Time: 2 hours


Shoe storage boxes


7) Mosaic Upstand

If you're scared your kitchen looks a little plain, but you don't have enough budget for a kitchen overhaul, inject some colour and personality into the room by introducing a mosaic tile upstand. This consists of a strip of mosaics running around the edge of the work surface, like a skirting. It'll help protect the walls from any dirt that might spray up when you're chopping tomatoes or violently beating cake mix. But mostly, they're there to brighten up the area, and to make it look nice. Choose a mosaic tile you like the look of, and cut it into halves or thirds.

Cost: £3 - £10   |   Time: 1.5 hours


Mosaic tile upstand


8) Liven up your stairs

Often, staircases face your front door, so they're one of the first things you see as you enter your home. A bare wooden staircase can be a plain sight indeed. So why not add some character to your stairs? Buy some paint, and inject some colour into your steps.

Cost: £20   |   Time: 2 - 3 hours






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