The floor spaces are what guide you and your guests throughout your home, and they are pivotal in giving each room its own unique character. It’s important, therefore, to make sure your floor is in kept smart, stylish and in great condition...


rosebery pattern tiles

Above: Rosebery Statement Tiles


Tiles are a fantastic choice for all areas in your home and garden. They’re durable, long-lasting, easy to clean, and they come in hundreds of different styles. To help narrow down the selection to a design that you love, here are some incredible looks for your floor...


1) Speckled and Spectacular

When it comes to hot flooring trends for the years ahead, terrazzo is one that interior designers are very excited about! It's not a new concept, but it's one that has come back into style in a big way.

If you're not sure what Terrazzo flooring is, allow me to explain. It essentially consists of chips of natural stone such as quartzite and marble, which are embedded in a cement base, and are given a finish. This results in a charming, characterful, speckled appearance.

Real Terrazzo flooring can be quite costly, and it's tricky to cut. That's where Terrazzo effect tiles come into play! The Menrva Tiles range has a realistic Terrazzo look without the huge cost.


Above: Menrva Terrazzo Effect Tiles


2) Light and Natural

One trick you can take from Scandinavian interior design is that for a calming, spacious scheme in a room (one that gives you room to breathe, think and unwind), you should opt for light and natural surfaces!

Light tones help to make a room seem larger. It's a trick we've used on ceilings for centuries – paint the ceiling white and it'll seem loftier and further away.

Meanwhile, natural prints and textures, such as wood grain, help us to feel closer to nature and, thus, more calm and relaxed.

Combine 'light' and 'natural' on your floor, with a charming stone effect or wood effect design in a soft palette, and you've got yourself one stylish chill-out zone. Perfect for a bathroom, where the aim of the game is to unwind in the tub or shower after a long day.


muniellos wood effect tiles

Above: Muniellos Wood Effect Tiles


3) Lavish and Luxurious

If you're longing for a more lavish and luxurious look for your floor spaces, to help add a bit of style and class into the room, then there's one trending natural stone that you really need to know about: Carrara marble.

Quarried in the city of Carrara in Tuscany, Italy, this is a marble that through the ages has been synonymous with elegance and luxury. It's the stone that clads the Pantheon, and the material of choice when Michelangelo carved David.

Alive with contrasting dark veining over a light backdrop, Carrara Marble Tiles are perfect for creating a ritzy, voguish new look on your wall and floor spaces. Because each tile is completely different, each time you install natural stone, you're creating a totally unique display.


natural carrara marble tiles

Above: Italian Polished Carrara Marble Tiles


4) A Clean Slate

Looking at all the current and upcoming interior design trends, the idea of creating a natural scheme in the home isn’t going anywhere! With their riven appearance, slate effect tiles are a fantastic way of achieving a characterful, textured natural look throughout your interior floor spaces.

So why is the natural look so popular? Well, with the hectic rush and digital gleam of modern day life, it’s nice to feel that little bit closer to nature! That’s why slate effect tiles are such a great choice for a floor.


Above: Delabole Slate Effect Tiles


5) Vintage

One way to get inspiration for your floor space is to borrow styles from yesteryear! With Art Deco designs trending, the idea of injecting vintage patterns into the home has never been more popular!

Patterned tiles are perfect for creating a statement floor in a hallway, bathroom, kitchen or living area, and they’re guaranteed to catch the eye of your guests! Vintage and encaustic effect tiles are the most desired patterned designs, as they’ll transform your home into a charming period wonderland.


rosebery pattern tiles

Above: Rosebery Statement Tiles


6) Chocolate and Coffee

When it comes to trending colours for a floor space, here’s what our exclusive designer Louisa Charlotte wrote in a recent copy of Good Homes Magazine: ‘Deep espresso and chocolate are set to become increasingly popular; the sophisticated effects generated by this mixture of dark colours are best when highlighted by gold and brass accents.’

Modele Warm Walnut Tiles have a gorgeous mix of light and dark browns, so they tick off the chocolate and coffee palette beautifully!


Above: Modele Warm Walnut Tiles


7) Oxidized

The latest surface design trends are all about character! Whether that’s pattern, texture or definition, it’s about steering away from plain, uninteresting surfaces and choosing a design with more personality!

The oxidized look is a huge part of this, as it gives the flooring a rustic and aged appearance, like it’s been around for a long time and has some interesting stories to tell! Whether it’s oxidized stone, wood, or concrete, your floor space will instantly come to life! Oxidized-effect tiles are becoming more common, such as these Avenue Tiles!


Above: Avenue Tiles


8) Rugging

If you want to try something a little more interesting with your floor spaces this season, you could attempt the ‘rugging’ effect. This is where you create a block of pattern using Moroccan or encaustic effect tiles, and then you surround them with plainer tiles. This creates the illusion of a rug.

This is a stylish trick used by interior designs to ‘zone off’ certain spaces. For example, in the picture on the right, the ‘rug’ is used to mark out the dining table area. It’s a great way to break up a large, impersonal open plan space to make it feel more intimate.


zeinah moroccan tiles

Above: Zeinah Tiles and Jannah Wood Effect Tiles


9) Dark Marble

Marble is without doubt the most sought after natural stone and its popularity is only set to increase in the coming years! One notable trend within this luxurious stone type is the use of darker Nero Marquina Marble.

With its atmospheric appearance, dark hue, and hypnotic white veining, there’s no wonder interior designers are going mad for this gorgeous marble type! Since natural Nero Marquina Marble is costly and requires ongoing treatment and maintenance, these Ador Marble Effect Tiles are a fab and realistic alternative!


Above: Nero Marquina Marble Effect Tiles


There you have it - some incredible looks for your floor spaces!



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