A Guide to Eco-Friendly Interior Design

With the recent spotlight on climate change and the environmental impact of our actions, we as consumers have started to think more about the things that we buy, looking more into the companies that our products come from and their stance on sustainability.

What is eco-friendly interior design?

Eco-friendly interior design involves making environmentally conscious decisions when it comes to designing and decorating the interiors of your home. You should consider energy consumption, pollution and waste when thinking about what to buy, making sure your carbon footprint and the environmental impact of the products is as low as possible. This helps to eliminate the negative impact of consumption, minimising waste and reducing the utilisation of non-renewable assets for the health of the planet.

oasis haven matt beige tiles natural

Above, Oasis Haven Matt Beige Tiles

What is the most environmentally friendly flooring material to use in the home?

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are some of the longest-lasting floor and wall covering products on the market today. Unlike carpet, vinyl, or laminate flooring which have to be replaced periodically, properly installed tiles will last a lifetime. This longevity reduces time, money and resources spent on extracting raw material, manufacturing, transportation, installation, demolition and disposal requirements.

These tiles can be cleaned using just warm water and pH-neutral cleaners. There is no need to use chemicals, waxes, strippers, solvents or shampoos that add to the level of toxic cleaning products being flushed into our ecosystem. They are made from 100% natural and plentiful raw materials that are usually found in close proximity to the factories, thus reducing fuel consumption and transportation costs.

yuri 90% recycled tiles soft beige sand metallic eco-friendly environmental sustainable style interior design

Above, Yuri™ Sand 90% Recycled Tiles

Yuri™ 90% Recycled Tiles

At Walls and Floors, we have a new range of eco-friendly porcelain tiles available. Our Yuri™ 90% Recycled Tiles are made of 90% recycled raw materials, water and minerals, with a sustainable, environmentally friendly manufacturing process with no compromise on quality and finish. Available in two sizes, these tiles feature an R10 anti-slip surface, also PTV +36 so they are suitable for any area of your home. 

Yuri™’s look encapsulates a raw industrial feel that mimics salvaged metals and concrete, with an infinite number of variations between each tile for a unique look. Exclusive to Walls and Floors, these tiles feature small details in their appearance, such as abrasions and oxidisation create an elegant, Avant-guard look that’s true to their sustainability and environmental awareness.

yuri 90% recycled tiles dark grey basalt metallic eco-friendly environmental sustainable style interior design

Above, Yuri™ Basalt 90% Recycled Tiles

How do I style my home to be environmentally friendly?

Today’s impulsive and disposable consumerist society is the biggest issue when it comes to eco-friendly interior design. Buying products that are renewable, recycled or responsibly sourced is one of the best ways to sustainably style your home and buying natural materials such as wood, marble, ceramic, linen and wool can be beneficial as well.

We’ve put together a few collections made using products from brands with a strong focus on sustainability, to show that being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

Scandinavian style

Perfect for the eco-conscious interior designer, Scandinavian style focuses on raw, organic materials with light, earthy tones. Sustainable materials like rattan, bamboo and cork are prominent pieces in this style, with reclaimed wood and recycled glass fitting right in with the inviting, cosy feel of this look. Here, we’ve included a towel rail from MADE.com that’s made from natural rattan for a fresh, simple look, that matches well with our stunning Yuri™ Sand 90% Recycled Tiles.

scandinavian style mood board eco-friendly interior design environmental sustainable bohemian yuri 90% recycled tiles

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Industrial chic

The Industrial period may not be something that you want to aspire to when it comes to interior design, but the style is coming back into fashion, and it’s surprisingly easy to find sustainable pieces to work with!

yuri 90% recycled tiles warm brown rust metallic eco-friendly environmental sustainable style interior design

Dunelm’s range ‘the edited life‘ has some stunning pieces that are all made with sustainability at the forefront of design. Here, we’ve chosen a cosy-looking grey sofa to fit in with the industrial trend that’s made from 100% recycled materials. The simple design fits perfectly with our Yuri™ tiles in Basalt and Rust, as they have a raw, industrial feel that emanates the look of salvaged metals and concrete, with small details in their appearance like abrasions and oxidisation.

1. Zara Home 2. Dunelm 3. H&M Home 4. Habitat 5. Habitat 6. H&M Home 7. H&M Home 8. Walls and Floors 9. Dunelm 10. MADE.com 11. Habitat 12. H&M Home 13. H&M Home 14. Walls and Floors

Modern Country Farmhouse

An easy style to replicate sustainable, modern country farmhouse focuses on soft, natural materials with light, neutral additions of colour. The rustic look takes unique design in its stride, with antique, second-hand pieces pairing in perfectly with its comforting, homely feel.

yuri 90% recycled tiles dark brown graphite metallic eco-friendly environmental sustainable style interior design

Here, we’ve included a stylish double bed from Furniture and Choice, as the eco-friendly company admirably plants a tree with every order they receive! Our Yuri™ Graphite 90% Recycled Tiles fit in well, as they have a look that’s reminiscent of British cliffs moulded by rain and sea, varied shades of carbon grey collide together with metallic rust-browns to create a mottled look, alive with character and charm.

modern country farmhouse mood board eco-friendly interior design environmental sustainable bohemian yuri 90% recycled tiles

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How would you style your home sustainably? We’d love to know! Tag us in your projects on Instagram @wallsandfloors.

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Anna Marie Clementson
Anna Marie Clementson