A Tile Tour of Manchester

I recently visited Manchester’s Arndale Centre – one of the largest shopping centres in the West Midlands. Why? I wanted to see what decorating styles had been chosen by some of its trendiest, swankiest and most prestigious establishments.

Firstly, I visited the Disney store, and was immediately taken back by its glistening floor of Blue Quartz Tiles. Starting at the front of the shop and stretching right back to the rear wall, they create the illusion of a glistening ocean. Quartz Tiles consist of a clear resin surface draped over a coloured backing with specks of glimmering quartz trapped within. But trapped alongside those quartz fragments is the key ingredient that gives them their trademark sparkle; flecks of mirror. They glisten and twinkle under the light and bring any floor area to life.

Blue Quartz Tiles in Disney Store

Next up, I passed by Hollister. On the outside of their store, sitting beneath their decorative wooden shutters, are sidings of captivating hexagonal mosaic tiles in black and white. The six sided style trend is incredibly popular in the world of interior design; with eye-catching honeycomb designs appearing in homes, restaurants, hotels, shops and bars throughout the UK. Hexagon Tiles aren’t limited to the mosaic variety; they come in various sizes and designs.

Hexagon mosaic tiles

Bella Italia, one of the UK’s favourite Italian restaurant chains, chose a gorgeous marble effect flooring; pictured here beneath their vintage ice cream cart. Alive with veins and texture, marble effect tiles add an exclusive and impressive appearance to any wall or floor area. For a similar tile, try our Black Summit Stone Effect Tiles.

Bella Italia Marble tiles

Welcoming the natural look into their store, clothes shop Luke went for a rustic wood effect flooring. The darkness and vastness of the plank hints towards the industrial upcycle trend; where industrial themes are introduced into domestic or commercial settings. It sets an intriguing mood.

Luke Shop wood Effect Tiles

River Island, masters of retail, have chosen a charming vintage look for the outside of their store – using a coloured metro tiles against painted white brick to create a subway-esque vibe. Metro Tiles are one of the most popular – and most stylish – tiling options when it comes to decorating a wall space. They’re affordable, they’re small and easy to work with, and they come in dozens of sizes, finishes and colours.

River island Metro Tiles

Moving into the River Island store, I loved the industrial upcycle scheme they’ve adopted. The back of the shop, where their shoe rack sits, is tiled from ceiling to floor is vertically positioned elongated metro tiles. What do I mean by elongated? Whereas your traditional metro tile measures 200×100, these tiles measure 400×10. Draped across the fresh white background they provide is arrangement of copper piping attached to bare-bulb lighting. It’s a fantastic industrial display.

River Island Metro Tiles

The vintage theme continues to the left-hand side of the store, where smaller 150×75 brick tiles are used in sage green. They provide a stylish, charming backdrop to some shirt and jacket railings.

River Island Metro Tiles

Next, I went into Selfridges, and was greeted by this captivating wood effect herringbone parquet arrangement. Using shorter wood effect planks, Selfridges were able to create more pattern in less space. Framing this wood effect section was a thin black trim, and on the outside of that, a gorgeous marble effect tile arrangement. As I mentioned earlier, if you’re trying to create an expensive, voguish, ritzy look, marble is king.

Selfridges wood effect floor

I hope the decorating choices of these style trend-setters have helped to give you some inspiration, when it comes to choosing wall and floors coverings for your own home (or shop, or restaurant). Seen some tiles in a bar, restaurant, hotel or clothes shop that you love? Show us a pic over on Facebook, twitter or Instagram.

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