Each year, London plays host to 100% Design; a walk-around event showcasing the latest stylish additions for your home and garden. It covers everything from wall and floor coverings, through to staircases, furniture, lighting and artwork. If you missed this year’s event, don’t worry! I took lots of pics as I was walking round, so you won’t miss a thing! Let’s take a look through them…


Industrial revolution

There was an abundance in the amount of industrial upcycle pieces I noticed, as I made my way around the show. It’s a trend that has slowly been creeping into fashion over the last few years, and now it’s really blossomed. If you’ve not encountered this trend yet, it’s the idea of creating a vintage industrial look in your home. Think brick slips on the walls, concrete effect flooring, with factory-esque lighting pendants, and furniture made from industrial rigging or pipework. These masonry-jar-turned-pendant lights fit spendidly with an industrial theme:


masonry jar pendant lights

Alternatively, these copper pendant fittings look like they’ve come straight out of a factory. They’ll add a warm hue to your colour scheme.


copper industrial pendant lights


Similarly, these gorgeous ceiling lights and wall lamps incorporate aged, characterful industrial elements; machinery components and chain-links.


industrial trend lights and wall lamps


industrial ceiling light


This table combines a re-purposed wooden top with pipework legs and leather-backed stools; ideal for an industrial theme.


industrial trend re purposed wood


To create an industrial backdrop in your kitchen, bathroom, dining room or lounge, use brick slip effect tiles on your walls and introduce a realistic concrete effect design to your floor spaces.


A pop of green

Particularly with summer on its way out and winter on the horizon, the idea of inviting greenery into interior spaces is a popular one. Just because when we look outside we see bare trees and brown leaves scattered on the ground, that doesn’t mean our lives should be void of some vibrant greenery, does it? Indoor plants and green décor are the call of the day! At 100% Design, I spotted this lively oriental green dining area – complete with picnic bench, lanterns and decorative cut-out forestry screens. To break up the green? A little splash of red!


oriental green dining room


Cacti are an increasingly popular indoor plant, and are great for stapling a little greenery into an interior area. What is it about cacti that interior designs love so much? Firstly, they come in hundreds of different shapes, sizes and shapes; allowing you to piece together a varied and characterful collection. Secondly, they’re a low maintenance plant. In fact, for six months of the year, they don’t require watering! Thirdly, they tie in perfectly with the Wild West trend; injecting some Western frontier personality into a kitchen, bathroom, lounge or dining room.


Add cacti to a table


potted cacti plants


I also spotted some examples of Sky Planters dangling above a dinner table. If you’re unsure what a Sky Planter is, it’s essentially an upside down plant pot, which dangles on a cord from the ceiling (or from a suspended rod or rack. Into this pot you put a well-rooted plant, and it hangs there, pointing toward the ground. Its purpose? To look different and unique and interesting; and to inject a pop of colour into blank air space.

To introduce some green into your home this season, browse our selection of Green Tiles.


Re-purposed wood

Another major interior design trend is the introduction of raw materials into an interior setting. Inviting nature into your home is meant to create a more ambient environment; in which you can relax and unwind at the end of a stressful day. Mix this with the eco-conscious trend of upcycling, and you have yourself an array of repurposed wooden goodies; a couple of which featured at 100% design.

First up, I spotted this gorgeous wooden splitface arrangement. At Walls and Floors, we sell the slate splitface equivalent – but I must admit, this wooden wall covering is gorgeous! Slats of recycled wood cut to different lengths, widths and thicknesses, they’re stuck together to create a textured, multi-levelled artistic wooden masterpiece; perfect for giving any dull wall space the kiss of life, whilst introducing sought after natural texture.


wooden splitface


Secondly, I came across these repurposed pallets. Used in their thousands by logistic companies up and down the country on a daily basis, pallets are often left lying around. Recently, creative clever clogs have been using them to create cool furniture for use in the home and garden. Over the summertime, I stumbled on a How To guide that showed you how to make a garden bar using two pallets and two paving slabs. At 100% Design, I found myself reminded of this when I came across the gorgeous repurposed pallet table below; complete with storage drawers.


re purposed wooden pallets


To introduce the wooden trend into your home, create a base on your walls and floors using realistic wood effect tiles.


A few interesting mentions

Tying in perfectly with the natural trend above, I loved the below presentation of interesting wooden accessories. Tom Raffield uses steam to help him bend wooden shavings into unique and interesting shapes, which he uses to craft eye-catching lamp shades, coat racks, stools, tables and arm chairs.


wooden furniture tom raffield


These vintage showbiz signs will light up a bleak wall space and, colour-wise, they go perfectly with the woody decorating scheme detailed above!


vintage lights


Liven up a dull corner with this 3D bear-shaped bookcase. More interesting than your everyday against-the-wall shelving arrangement, it’s perfect for a children’s room – or simply for adding a spot of character to the living room.


3D bear bookcase


Love a game of pool but don’t have the space for a table? You do now! This clever two-in-one combo doubles up as your family dining table and an awesome pool item! Once the Sunday roast is cleared away, simply remove the top sections, get the cues out, and shoot some pool! Loser does the washing up.


dining table and pool table



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