To help you reinvent your home and garden this season, we've compiled a huge A-Z list of fresh ideas for your home; covering everything from design trends and decorating ideas through to stylish accessories and tiling favourites. In this, the concluding chapter, we'll cover letters S-Z - looking at Scrabble Tiles, adding textured surfaces into your decor scheme, inviting your holiday home with you, and lots of other themes and trends. Let's begin..


S is for Scrabble

If you're an avid reader of interior styling magazines, you might have come across our exclusive range of Scrabble wall tiles by now. There's a lot of buzz around them. Why? Because they're fun little products that allow you to get creative in your home, and allow you to personalise your interiors by injecting some of your character and personality. If you like baking, you can spell out 'BAKE' and display it in your home. If you like jazz music, you can spell out 'JAZZ'. If family is important to you, you can spell out 'FAMILY'. You get the picture. Anything that matters to you, or that you're interested in, you can shout about that by immortalising it in Scrabble Tiles, and putting them on show in your home.


scrabble tiles coasters


Don't think that Scrabble Tiles need to be used as part of a wall tiling display, because they don't. Although they look great as part of a kitchen splashback, most people display their Scrabble Tiles in other ways. Firstly, they make for great coasters for a coffee table or breakfast bar. Stick some foam pads in the corners, and they instantly become the coolest coasters your friends have ever seen. Scatter a word, or choose random letters from the alphabet.


Secondly, you can stand Scrabble Tiles on a shelf or mantelpiece, the way you'd display decorative plates. Thirdly, you can frame them! Buy a glass frame from Dunelm or somewhere similar, but the backing paper of your choice behind the glass, and then glue the Scrabble Tiles to the front of the glass.


As you can imagine, Scrabble Tiles make for great unisex gifts. So if you're unsure what to get somebody for a birthday, anniversary, or for Christmas, why not get them some Scrabble Tiles? Spell out their name or something generic like 'LOVE' or 'HOME.'


T is for Textured

Sometimes, if there's lots going on in a room, plain, smooth surfaces are the way to go. For example, if you've got a striking statement floor, then your wall spaces are probably best off looking a little plainer, so that they don't over complicate a room. However, if you've got several plain surfaces - all lacking character and definition - then it's time to introduce some texture into your decor scheme. Textured surfaces help to add character to otherwise plain areas. They give your guests something interesting to look at, when they step into the room.


When it comes to textured wall coverings, splitface mosaic tiles are the go-to choice. They consist of strips of natural slate which have been cut to different lengths, heights and thicknesses, and have them been fixed together to create a staggered, multi-levelled, textured surface. You'll find splitface tiles in the trendiest bars and restaurants the world has to offer. Not only do they help inject the sought after natural look into an interior area, but they also create a suave, modern appearance.


Top tip: Use angled floor lamps to make the most of your textured wall spaces. They will cast cool, staggered shadows across the face of your textured surfaces; emphasising the different levels.


slate splitface tiles


U is for Underfloor Heating

If you're tiling a floor area in the summer, then the last thing on your mind is underfloor heating. But remember: those floor tiles are probably going to be down for the next ten years, and there will be plenty of cold autumns and winters in that time period, so it's a good idea to think ahead, and consider the installation of some underfloor heating. There are a lot of myths around underfloor heating.


Firstly, people tend to think that it's expensive to buy, when you can get underfloor heating kits that include an intelligent 7-day programmable thermostat and a heating mat from just £166. Secondly, it's a common misconception that it's hard to install when really, it isn't. We have a 40 second How To Lay Underfloor Heating video. Thirdly, it's misunderstood that underfloor heating is expensive to run. Actually, it's a cheaper way of heating your room than having your radiators on; costing just 9p an hour for 5 Sqm of underfloor heating.


underfloor heating


V is for Vacation

If you've ever been holidaying in Arabesque countries, you'll probably have been taken in by their captivating decor schemes; their elaborate efflorescent patterns and geometric patchworks. It's a stunning culture, full of vibrant colours and eye-catching designs. Now, you can capture it in your home with the addition of striking Moroccan Tiles. Over the last couple of years, we've amassed one of the most impressive and complete collections of Moroccan Tile designs online.

If you want to inject some character and personality into a room with minimum hassle, the easiest thing to do is introduce a feature wall or statement floor. i.e. cover a wall or floor in an interesting, striking, room-stealing patterned design. Moroccan tiles, as you can probably imagine, are perfect for this - particularly the patchwork designs.


Moroccan floor tiles


W is for Wood Effect

Earlier on, we brushed on slate splitface tiles being a great way of inviting the popular natural trend into your home. The other great way is to introduce wood effect tiles. Home owners tend to be very fond of their floorboards - but with the latest inkjet technology, wood effect tiles can look every bit as lifelike as real wood. In fact, they're printed from images of wood that has a lot more character and detail than the dull, faded boards in your home.

Tiles are also more robust that floorboards - they don't scratch and mark as easily, they don't splinter along the edges, and they don't require constant treatment and maintenance. They're an attractive, durable, zero maintenance alternative to bare wooden floorboards, and are perfect for use throughout your home.



Wood effect tiles even give you the flexibility to break away from the traditional plank shape. The Vintage Wood Tile range, part of our exclusive Louisa Charlotte Collection, consists of a selection of crate-shaped tiles. There are several colours to choose from, along with smooth and anti-slip finishes. They can even be used in the garden! Alternatively, for a statement star-shaped design.


X is for XXL

Large format tiles are in major interior design demand right now. Why? Because vast, expansive tile surfaces are things to shout about, when it comes to decorating larger interior spaces. The more surface a tile has, the less groutlines there are, grid-lining a room. We have a great selection of large format tiles to choose from - mostly in the stone effect area. One of the newest additional is our gigantic Grande Carrara Marble Tile, measuring in at 1200x600mm.


Y is for You

One of the most important things when it comes to decorating your home is that it's catered for you, and that it matches your personality. It's important to try to be unique - and a great way to do this is to invite bespoke furniture into your interiors. Shop around flea markets, or visit bespoke online stores - and find really unusual pieces that not many other people are likely to have. This way, you'll be creating your own unique style and your own individual scheme. You could also go for slightly more unusual tiling designs. For example, metro tiles are incredibly stylish and add a fresh, definitive appearance to any room throughout the home - however, they're in most households across the UK. If you were decorating your home with a thirst for individuality, you might choose something a little less mainstream, such as our Tangier Wall Tiles.


tangier moroccan wall tiles


Z is for Zen

When it comes to decorating your home, you want to create schemes that make you feel a certain way. For example, in the bedroom, you might want warm, mellow colours to help you feel cosy and sleepy. In the kitchen, you might want brighter, bolder colours to help wake you up at the start of a fresh new day. But when it comes to the bathroom, which is the place where we unwind at the end of a stressful day at work, we want to create a soft, soothing scheme.

Something we're noticing more and more frequently is the clever piecing together of spa-like schemes in bathroom areas. The introduction of bright whites and pastel blues; white-washed wooden flooring and light, shimmering wall tiles. Below is a guide for creating your own spa-like bathroom feel. Click the image to enlarge it:


colour palette spa like bathroom



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