We all love an interior refresh, but it can sometimes be a little confusing when it comes to choosing a decorating scheme or style. There are so many to choose from. To help make matters easier, we've put together an A-Z of fresh ideas for your home. You can quickly and easily browse through and cherry pick your favourites! In this segment, part one, we'll be covering A-F.


A is for Arabesque

A trend that has been sweeping the interior design world of late is the Arabesque style; a collection of striking Mediterranean / Moroccan patterns and designs. You can find them in rugs, cushions and curtains - but also in decorating mediums, such as tiles. These highly detailed, decorative and intricate designs are perfect for bringing any wall or floor space to life. They combine bold colours with a mix of floral-esque and geometric designs. Often, they'll come in captivating patchwork designs, with a medley of patterns fused together in an eye-catching, room-stealing display. One such example of a patchwork design is the Azulejo Tile; a sepia-toned monochrome design.




The most recent release from the Arabesque trend is the Provenzale shape. Also known as the lantern shape, it's an inter-locking blend of curves and corners, which pieces together to create a stylish, scaly skin. The Provenzale shape is prominent in our Belleza Tile range, shown below. For more info on the Provenzale shape, visit our post: Trend Watch - Prominent Provenzale.




B is for Bedroom

Long done are the days when tiles were restricted to the kitchen or bathroom. With the constant release of realistic wood effects and stone effects, tiles are now perfectly suitable for every room throughout the house - especially the bedroom. Lots of us have bare floorboards in the bedroom. But as we all know, natural boards mark and scratch very easily. They can also splinter along the edges, becoming incredibly dangerous when walking around barefoot. Not only that - but they demand constant treatment and maintenance with sanding paper and beeswax.


That's where wood effect tiles come into play. With incredibly realistic options available, you can simply tile a floor with wood effects and forget about it. No treatment necessary, no unsightly scratches, and no splinters. They make a great base for any bedroom and come in a selection of styles and colours. For a cosy, homely, rustic effect, choice rich colours - golds and browns, such as our Estrellar Tiles. A fusing of star-like shapes, they're ideal for creating a statement floor in a bedroom area.




For a fresh and airy approach (which can also help to increase the optical size of a room) go for light colours, such as our Vintage Wood Effects.




Don't forget about those wall spaces. Tiles are ideal for creating a feature wall above your bed. Graham, the winner of one of our customer project competitions, pieced together a textured wall space in his bedroom, using our slate Splitface Tiles. Splitface Tiles consist of strips of natural slate cut to different lengths, depths and thicknesses. They're then glued together in a staggered formation; creating a wonderfully textured surface.




For a fun finish, you could try adding some 'Z's' from our exclusive range of Scrabble Tiles to the wall above your bed. For more bedroom decorating ideas, visit our post: Sleep in Beauty - Bedroom Design Ideas.




C is for Colour

Getting your colour scheme right is important. To do this, you need to understand a little bit about complementary colours, and what different colours achieve. The three primary colours are blue, yellow and red. When you mix them together, you wind up with secondary colours. If you mix a primary colour with a secondary colour, you get a tertiary colour. Place all of these colours into a wheel, and you're left with the below. You may recognise it from school, and it's the simplest way of understand complementary colours, and the connotations and appearances that certain colours help to create.




To find complementary colours, you take one colour segment, and you look at the colour opposite it. For example, orange and blue are complementary colours. As are green and red. As are purple and yellow.


Orange and blue lounge


But you can also divide the colour wheel into cool colours and warm colours. Split it right down the middle. If you follow the lime green around the left hand side, down to that dark purple - these are your cool colours. They remind us of vegetation, and water, and night sky. They will add a refreshing, chilled, laid-back feeling to a room. However, if you follow the yellow round to the right, you'll find your warm colours. Yellows, oranges and reds - colours we associate with fire and sunset. These will bring a cosy atmosphere into an interior.


So it all comes down to which of these appearances you want to go for. For more information on colours, check out our post: Choosing A Colour Scheme.


D is for Delft Tiles

Delftware is a type of English pottery that dates back to the 1600s. Traditionally, it's hand painted in hues of blue and white. This effect has been captured perfectly by the modern wave of Delft Tiles; an interior design trend adopted by those who have a love for the vintage / period look. Delft designs truly are timeless - having been in demand for hundreds of years. They're perfect for bringing that period appearance into a kitchen or bathroom. We have two Delft Tile ranges to choose from - one with an antique crackled surface (which adds age, charm and character) and one with a smooth, fresh finish:




A little too old school for you? No problem. For a more modern adaptation of the Delft design, which also fits under the Moroccan / Arabesque category, try our Tangier Tiles:




E is for Exclusive

If you love to be different, and you like having styles and designs that aren't generally available on the market, then you'll love our exclusive ranges! Available only at Walls and Floors, you won't find them in the high street chains - meaning your friends aren't likely to have them - which keeps you (and your home) unique! The exclusive range we're most proud of is the Eden Tile collection. Designed by our exclusive in-house designer Louisa Charlotte, it's made right here in the UK by non other than British Ceramic Tile (BCT) - one of the most prestigious manufacturers of tiles in the world. And it's exclusive to us! It consists of a striking vine design atop a glistening iridescent linear background. There are two main colourways - Isis, which is white and Boysenberry, which is a rich purple that fits in perfectly with the Marsala colour scheme (Pantone's colour of the year).




F is for furniture

If you've grown weary of staring at the same of tired furniture, why not jazz it up a little? You've probably heard of upcycling - the art of taking something old, and renewing it - giving it a new lease of life, without breaking the bank. Well, that's precisely what we're proposing - only with the incorporation of tiles. Tiles are perfect for adding character and charm to old items of furniture. They're stylish, they're affordable, and they're easy to fix in place. Particularly mosaics! Mosaics are modern, compact, and they come on an easy-to-cut mesh backing; meaning cutting them to size is a cinch. Here, mosaics have been used to revive a boring old colour table. The mosaics used have an iridescent finish that gleams and glistens under the light:




For more transformations made possible by mosaics, visit our post: Don't Move, Improve - What You Can Do With Mosaics.


So there you have it - Part One of our A-Z of fresh ideas for your home! We hope you've found it useful. It introduced you to the striking Arabesque trend, along with timeless Delft designs. It showed you a basis for choosing a colour scheme for your decorating project. It showed you some ideas for bringing your bedroom up to date, and for cleansing it of troublesome floorboards. It also introduced you to some exclusive tiles, so that you can break away from the trodden path. And finally, it showed you some ways in which you can revive furniture.


Head over to: Part Two of our A-Z of Fresh Ideas for Your Home for G-L.



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