A-Z of Fresh Ideas for Your Home: Part Two (G-L)

To help you unlock your dream home this season, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide of fresh ideas for your home; a medley of the latest design trends, decorating ideas and interior styles. In part two, we’ll be covering letters G-L. Miss Part One? Visit it here: A-Z of Fresh Ideas for Your Home: Part One. Let’s get started…


G is for Garden

When the warmer months arrive, we can’t wait to burst out of our hibernation rooms, so we can relax and unwind in our garden areas. However, it’s a saddening fact that throughout the UK, most gardens are incredibly bare and neglected. Most don’t even have patio areas; they simply consist of a couple of plastic chairs thrown onto the uncut grass. It doesn’t have to be this way. That’s why we’ve put together a guide for creating an outdoor living area – an exterior space we can relax in – and entertain guests in – quite comfortably throughout the summer and early autumn months.


In the guide, you’ll find a brief introduction to some of our favourite external tiles, which form a base to the outdoor living area. An example of which is our Pino Anti-slip Vintage Wood Tile, from the Louisa Charlotte Collection:




You’ll also find an introduction to some stylish garden furniture to include in your outdoor living area, such as the Applaro Gazebo from IKEA. It acts as the perfect cover – shading you from blazing sunlight, and shielding you from any potential showers of drizzle (it is the UK, after all). Visit the guide now: Create an Outdoor Living Area.


H is for Hexagonal

If you’ve visited any interior styling shows lately, you’ll have noticed an abundance in the use of hexagons. They’re appearing everywhere – in furniture, in lamp shades – and, most notably, in tiles. Hexagon tiles are fast becoming one of the hottest decorating trends in the UK. Much loved by some of Britain’s favourite interiors stylists, hexagons are perfect for piecing together captivating honeycomb displays on both wall and floor areas. They come in various different designs. Our Rokkakkei hexagon tile range includes textured wood ring designs:




Equally as stylish, our Victorian Unglazed Hexagon Tiles consist of sturdy clay floor tiles; ideal for introducing a charming period look into a kitchen area. For a more compact look, you might like to consider our Pizzazz Mosaic Hexagon Tiles. Made from 98% recycled glass, they’re perfect for the eco-conscious decorators amongst you. They have a shimmering metallic finish.




I is for Industrial Upcycle

Another major interior design trend, Industrial Upcycle has been appearing in some of the swankiest restaurants and homes the UK has to offer. It’s all about introducing elements from period industrial environments into a domestic interior setting. Think bare brick walls; heavy metallic pendant lights; coffee tables made from factory haulage carts; wooden and concrete floors. Don’t be afraid to mix it up a little. Below, elements from the Industrial trend have been combined with a Moroccan statement floor. Brick slip tiles have been used on the walls. There’s a lamp atop heavy metallic rigging. There’s an industrial radiator, and several pressure gauges have been used for decoration.




For a floor that’s more in-keeping with the industrial trend, you might like to consider using Foundry Concrete Effect Tiles. They look like real set cement – giving a lifelike concrete base to any room throughout the house – be it a living room, a bathroom or a bedroom.


J is for Jewel Tones

Never heard of Jewel Tones? In a nutshell, they are rich, bright and bold colours that resemble the shades of gemstones. Naturally, they’re perfect for injecting vigour and character into a room. Introduce them through blocks of accent colour (using either tiles or paint), or introduce them through the use of accessories – such as cushions, candles, vases and other ornaments. The Jewel Tones Prismatics Tile range is full of vibrant gemstone shades. A mix of rectangular brick-shaped and square pieces, the selection is ideal for piecing together sole accent pieces or captivating patchwork displays.




K is for Kitchen

The kitchen is the social hub of the home. It’s where we get our breakfast together in the mornings. It’s where we catch up with our friends over a coffee. It’s where we dish up family meals in the evenings. That’s why it’s important we get our kitchens looking good.

If your kitchen is feeling a little dated, the easiest way to freshen it up is to install or update a splashback. What’s a splashback, you asked? It’s a surface that stands behind a cooker or a hob. An easily-wipeable surface. The purpose of which? To catch any stray specks of water or pan fat that might otherwise fly up and sink into the wallpaper. Splashbacks are traditionally large screens of glass or aluminium – but we find these boring and void of any character. Tiles make for much more stylish splashbacks – and there are so many styles of tiles to choose from! You could have a metro splashback. You could have a compact metallic mosaic splashback. You could have a wood effect splashback. You could even have a hexagonal tiled splashback. The possibilities are endless. One thing’s for sure – splashbacks act as a focal point in a kitchen. When your guests walk through that door, one of the first things they’ll lay their eyes on is the splashback – so make sure yours is packed full of character, and reflects your personality. We love this red metro splashback, arranged in a striking Herringbone layout:




Need some extra work space or storage space in your kitchen? Get yourself a trolley! You can wheel it out when you need to make use of its additional surfaces, and you can put it to the side when it’s not needed.

The space on your kitchen sideboards is precious. Knife blocks and utensils pots can be an awful waste of this space – so lift them up, and move them to that empty wall space! Install a magnetic strip to attach the knifes to. Below is IKEA’s Grundtal Magnetic Knife Strip, and it does the job perfectly!


IKEA magnetic knife rack


Pendant lights are an incredibly trendy choice when it comes to shedding some light on your refreshed kitchen. The more modern and unique the pendant, the better! For more kitchen decorating ideas, and for some kitchen-related life hacks, head over to: Unlock Your Dream Kitchen.


L is for Linear

Smooth wall spaces can look incredibly plain and uninteresting; lifeless and characterless. That’s why texture is so important, when it comes to decorating. One of our favourite types of texture when it comes to tiles is the linear finish, where lines are sunken into the surface of a tile; creating ripples or ridges. These really show up under the light, and help to add definition to what would be an otherwise dull wall space. Our Oseir Willow Tiles (a perfect alternative to Willow Tiles by British Ceramic Tile) have a captivating linear design.




Another great example is in our exclusive Eden Tile range, from the Louisa Charlotte Collection. The Isis Tile consists of a linear design with a glistening iridescent glimmer:




That concludes Part Two of our A-Z of Fresh Ideas For Your Home. We hope it gave you some inspiration for decorating your home. It taught you how to create an outdoor living area in your garden. It introduced you to the six-sided style hexagonal trend. It gave you a glimpse at industrial upcycle; a major interior design craze. It showed you vibrant jewel tones. It gave you some ideas for freshening up your kitchen. It also showed you that linear tiles are a textured, characterful alternative to plain, smooth tiles.

Head over to: Part Three of our A-Z of Fresh Ideas for Your Home for M-R.



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