We've launched a great little collection of 100x100mm Scrabble Wall Tiles! Available in both white and cream, they're great for spelling out words, names, phrases, lyrics or quotes. Here are a few suggestions:


scrabble wall tiles apple


A is for 'Apple'

Why not spell out a simple item of food, and stick it up on the kitchen wall? Short words look fresh and clean.




B is for 'Bon Appetite'

Don't be afraid to go a little continental! Spell out some well-known foreign phrases. Bon Appetite (Enjoy your meal) would work well in a dining area.




C is for 'Callum'

Construct your own name, or the name of a loved one. You could even spell of the names of your entire family. A family tree would look fantastic.




D is for 'Dream'

Again, simple words can look very effective. You can always branch off from these letters, and create a web of more words.




E is for 'Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining'

Motivational posters and signs are all the rage at the moment. They're popping up in homes, restaurants and bars all over the UK. Now you can create your own using our Scrabble Wall Tiles.




F is for 'Food and Drink'

Use different words for different areas. That tends to work well. In a kitchen, where Food and Drink is prepared, these words make a fitting display for the wall.




G is for 'Gone Fishing'

Got a hobby? Shout about it! Stamp it onto your walls, or stand it up on a shelf or mantelpiece. 'Gone Fishing,' 'Teeing Off,' 'Green Fingers'.




H is for 'His' or 'Hers'

Living together as a couple? Why not spell out His and Hers? Or His and His. Or Hers and Hers. Stamp some identity into your home.




I is for 'I Am the Danger'

Got a TV show or movie that you love? Why not spell out one of your favourite quotes? Immortalise it using Scrabble Tiles. *Above taken from AMC's Breaking Bad.




Scrabble Wall Tiles: J is for 'Just Dance'

Again - if you have a hobby, or an activity that you enjoy, why not show off your love for it? Lines like, 'Just Dance,' are an easy way to add a fun, relaxed feel to a room.




K is for 'Keep Calm and Bake'

Over the last few years, there has been a re-emergence and re-imagining of the famous 'Keep Calm and Carry On' slogan from the war. It has appeared in various forms, from 'Keep Calm and Drink Tea,' through to, 'Keep Calm and Stay Reem.' Why not invite a fun 'Keep Calm' phrase into your kitchen, bathroom or living room?




L is for 'Live, Laugh, Love'

The three L's of life, you'll find this trio of words in various interior decorating settings. On metal hanging signs, carved into wood, printed on posters - and now, spelt out using Scrabble Wall Tiles?




M is for, 'My Home Is My Castle'

Proud of your home? Let people know with this old-as-time phrase! It would look great in the hallway, as visitors step inside.




N is for 'Naughty and Nice'

If you're feeling a little playful, why not spell out the different sides of your personality? Naughty and nice, sweet and sour, etc.




O is for 'OMG'

For a truly contemporary look, why not experiment with text abbreviations from the digital world? Used in texting and Social Media, OMG stands for 'Oh My God.' Other possibilities could include 'LOL' (Laugh Out Loud) and 'ROFL' (Rolling On the Floor Laughing).




P is for 'Pasta'

Don't be afraid to spell out your favourite foods, especially in the kitchen, where you'll be preparing them! There are thousands of possibilities here. From your favourite ingredients, through to your favourite meals.




Q is for 'Quiet'

Like some peace and calm in your home? Let your guests know by putting 'Quiet' up on the wall. Alternatively, if it's just the one room you like to chill out in, put it in there!




R is for 'Rock and Roll'

Spell out your favourite genres of music, or lyrics from a song by your favourite band. Stuff like this is great for stamping some of your personality into your decor.




S is for 'Soak'

Labelling different rooms with related words works very well. For example, 'Soak' above the bath tub in the bathroom. 'Cook' above the counter in the kitchen. 'Sleep' in the bedroom, and so on.




T is for 'Toys'

Why not invite the fun of Scrabble wall Tiles into your children's rooms? With words like 'Toys,' 'Play,' 'Train,' 'Truck, 'Dolls'.




U is for 'Utensil'

Further to the idea of labelling your rooms, you could even go so far as to label the places where objects live. 'Utensils' can rest above the utensil rack. 'Chop' can sit above the chopping board, etc.




V is for 'Vegetables'

Like your greens? Create a criss-cross web of words on your kitchen wall, like in a game of Scrabble, using some of your favourite food types or ingredients.




W is for 'Welcome Home'

Leave yourself a nice message for every time you step through the door! It will also welcome your guests.




X is for 'Xylophone'

Got a favourite instrument? One that you play? Express your love for it by spelling it out on the wall.




Y is for 'YOLO'

Another abbreviation from the world of Social Media, 'YOLO' stands for You Only Live Once. It really sums up that Carpe Diem attitude of ceasing the day, and making each day count. A fantastic message to put on show in your home.




Z is for 'Zen'

When talking about creating a calm and relaxed environment in your home, this one particular word springs to mind! Celebrate it in Scrabble Tiles.

What do you think about our A-Z of Scrabble Tiles? Has it been handy? Which worlds will you be spelling out? Let us know over on Facebooktwitter or Google+. Better still, leave a comment below!

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