Acoustic Wood Wall Panel Ideas: How to Make the Most Out Of Trepanel® Acoustic Panels

When you’re looking to enhance the overall aesthetic of your home, we truly believe there are only a few alternatives to the beauty of Trepanel® Acoustic Wood Slat Panels (that includes tiles, of course!). Trepanel® Acoustic Wall Panels, with their sleek wood slat design and rigid felt backing, offer an innovative way to combine both form and function. Not only does Trepanel® improve the overall sound quality of the room (when installed correctly, of course), but also adds a natural warmth and comfort to the space. If it’s a cosy atmosphere you’re looking to create, or maybe a more modern and contemporary one, Trepanel® acoustic wall panels are the perfect solution.

Living Room Acoustic Panel Ideas

Dark Wood Panels for a Modern Look

Dark wood wall panels can be ideal for creating a cosy but sophisticated environment, especially when paired with a variety of soft textiles in the cushions and throws you choose to use. With choices like Trepanel® Noir, and even Trepanel® Walnut, we have a variety of dark wood panel options that will perfectly complement this aesthetic. Welcome accessories with similar tones and textures throughout the design for a comprehensive and seamless design. We love the use of Trepanel® on the wall you mount your TV onto, for a classic media wall style, complemented by the acoustic advantages of the felt backing, for an at-home cinema vibe.

A modern living room featuring a large flat-screen TV mounted on a wall with walnut brown acoustic wood slat panels. Below the TV, a sleek black shelf holds a few books, including titles like Paris, London, New York. A potted plant in a black planter add a touch of greenery to the space, which is complemented by light wooden flooring and a plush grey rug.
Above, Trepanel Design® Walnut Brown Multi-Width Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

Add Texture with Geometric Designs

By implementing geometric designs across your living room with the use of our Trepanel® squares, you are sure to create a striking visual impact, packed with texture and character. Our square wood slat wall panels offer the opportunity for a multitude of designs and styles, with endless configurations. Welcome soft textures and accessories to avoid creating a space that feels too harsh or visually demanding. Textiles like throws and accent cushions can break up the striking design, preventing an overwhelming living room design.

A stylish living room with a unique accent wall featuring oak square acoustic wood slat panels arranged in a diamond pattern. The room includes a black sofa adorned with green and white leaf patterned cushions and matching green throw. A black floor lamp stands beside the sofa, illuminating the space. A framed palm tree print hangs on the adjacent wall, and a wooden coffee table with black legs holds a small plant and decor items. The overall design is modern and cosy, with natural elements adding warmth to the room.
Above, Trepanel® Oak Square Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

Bedroom Acoustic Panel Ideas

Create a Serene Retreat

A surefire way of creating a serene retreat within your bedroom space is to welcome the soothing nature of a light-tone wood slat wall panel. Lighter wood tones have been favoured by designers for years, as a way of creating a vibrant and airy look and feel. It opens up the space in a way that darker woods would create a more intimate vibe. The neutral tones offer a closeness to nature, a timeless style that is transformative and versatile, allowing for a multitude of design styles that can change as your personal style grows. Additionally, Trepanel®s’ acoustic properties are perfect for the light sleepers among us, as they will help drown out any external noise that may disrupt your slumber!

A cosy bedroom featuring a white upholstered bed with a light teal quilted blanket and a white pom-pom throw. The headboard wall is adorned with vertical hessian wood slat panels, adding texture and warmth to the space. Two modern wall sconces with brass accents provide soft lighting. A white nightstand beside the bed holds a vase with greenery, complementing the large plant in the corner of the room. A framed abstract artwork hangs on the adjacent wall. The light wooden floor is covered by a plush area rug n shades of blue and beige, enhancing the rooms serene and inviting atmosphere.
Above, Trepanel® Chevron Hessian Beige Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

Enhance Ambiance with Lighting

Lighting decisions are an important step in the success of all interior design. It can make or break a design, especially within the bedroom. If you’re a big-light kind of person, focus on what type of light you like to fill the space with. E.g. warm or cool tones. If you’re strictly a little light kind of person, we suspect you tend to lean towards the cooler tones. Warm tone lights work great at visually enhancing the overall look and feel of your wood wall panels. Smaller light sources can work great at enhancing that cosy bedroom atmosphere that we love submerging ourselves in after a long day. Think side lamps, fairy lights and wall-mounted lights either side of the bed for that warming feel.

A modern bedroom featuring a luxurious bed dressed in soft pink linens, accented with teal and pink pillows. The headboard wall is adorned with vertical smoked oak wood slat panels, creating a warm and textured backdrop. On each side of the bed, stylish wall sconces provide ambient lighting. A round side table with a white top holds a bouquet of flowers and a gold decor item, adding a touch of elegance. The room is bathed in natural light from large windows, and the floor is covered with a plush, cream-coloured rug, enhancing the cosy and inviting atmosphere.
Above, Trepanel Design® Smoked Oak Multi Width Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

Home Office Acoustic Panel Ideas

Boost Productivity with Sound Control

For a productive mind, you need a productive space, and for a productive space, you need Trepanel®! The sleek, minimalistic aesthetic of Trepanel® welcomes a sense of focus while maintaining a natural and soft sense of style. The overall ambience of the space is sure to be enhanced with the sound absorption rating our panels feature. When installed correctly, they have the capability to absorb external nose, and blessed internal noise ensuring you have a more peaceful environment to get all those important jobs done and dusted! Check out our installation guide to be sure you’re installing your panels correctly for the best results in your home.

A contemporary home office setup featuring a dark wooden desk against a wall adorned with walnut square acoustic wood slat panels. The panels are arranged in a mix of vertical and horizontal orientations, creating a stylish and textured backdrop. On the desk, a sleek black laptop is accompanied by a glass of water, a black desk lamp, and a small potted plant, adding a touch of greenery. A leather bound notebook with a pen completes the workspace, making it both functional and aesthetically pleasing.
Above, Trepanel® Walnut Brown Square Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

Incorporate Shelving for Versatility

If you’re looking for a little more space for all your office bits and bobs, you can accessorise Trepanel® to do so with shelves! Adding shelving is as easy as it would be to do so on a plain wall, we simply advise driving your screws right through the felt backing of the panels and into the wall for a secure fit. If you apply the shelving to the panels alone, their strength will deteriorate over time, compromising their durability. Use accessories like books and hanging plants to create a cosy and productive office space, packed with your personal belongings to add character to the design.

A modern home office setup featuring a wooden desk against a wall adorned with vertical autumn brown wood slat panels. The minimalist desk holds a desktop computer with a digital clock display, a black desk lamp, and a few office essentials. Above the desk, a floating shelf showcases framed photos and decorative items, adding a personal touch. A comfortable office chair on wheels is positioned in front of the desk, while a beige area rug defines the workspace. Natural light floods the room through a nearby window, and a decorative vase with dried branches adds a touch of elegance to the corner of the space.
Above, Trepanel Design® Autumn Brown Curve Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

Dining Room Wood Slat Ideas

Elevate your Dining Experience

The use of wood slat wall panels within dining spaces is a style we love, and are seeing increasingly more of as their popularity increases. Darker, richer tones of wood throughout the dining room create an intimate vibe, perfect for hosting friends and family for an evening meal. The atmosphere in your dining room should be comfortable yet sophisticated, for you and your guests to enjoy your meals in a warming home environment while soaking in that touch of luxury. Darker tones like our walnut, noir or ash are perfect for this atmosphere.

A contemporary dining room featuring a stylish accent wall with walnut brown acoustic wood wall panels. These panels not only enhance the rooms aesthetics but also improve the acoustic quality, reducing noise and creating a more intimate dining experience. The room is furnished with a natural wooden dining table surrounded by elegant dark green chairs. Above the table, two modern pendant lights with white globe shades provide soft lighting. A large potted plant by the window adds a touch of greenery, while the light wooden herringbone floor complements the overall warm and inviting atmosphere.
Above, Trepanel Design® Walnut Brown Curve Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

Highlight with Accent Panels

If you’re not feeling the fully slatted wall styles, try just a few panels to complement your existing decor. This style will work alongside your existing home design, making it the perfect weekend DIY job! All you need is a couple of panels and some nail-free adhesive or screws, and you’re good to go! As much as we love the fully slatted look, implementing a few panels at a time is a modern and contemporary style, maintaining that contemporary wood slat design. Our Elgin Home over on Instagram has done an amazing job of creating a welcoming space with just a couple of our panels, resulting in a space that is packed with modern sophistication.

A chic dining area featuring a striking black acoustic wood wall panel that adds both style and sound absorption, enhancing the rooms ambiance. The space is furnished with a contemporary dining table with a stone like surface, paired with sleek black chairs. Above the table, a modern pendant light fixture with three metal shades provides focused illumination. A decorative vase with greenery and a book serve as the centrepiece, adding a touch of natural beauty to the minimalist setting. The light wooden flooring complements the overall sophisticated and modern design.
Above, Trepanel® Noir Black Acoustic Wood Wall Panels

Overall, it’s no wonder our customers love Trepanel®! Their versatility is as outstanding as their durability, ensuring lasting results that you’ll love for years to come. Be sure to tag us in images of your own designs using Trepanel® over on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors, we love seeing your interior designs, especially without products! Your images may even get used across our website! Check out more of our blogs for more inspiration and advice.

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard