We can all feel a little short on space, from time to time - particularly if we're part of a growing family. Stuff just collects, and the rooms seem to grow smaller day by day.  We could all do with a little more breathing space - an extra room or two. However, up-sizing homes is a long, drawn-out process with months of house-hunting, and stacks of paperwork to sift through and sign.


Extensions are a great way to add extra space - but they can cost upwards of fifty grand, and they take a very long time to complete. Here at Walls and Floors, we think you should make use of disused spaces that you already have. Namely, the loft and the garage.


loft conversion ideas


What type of room do you need?

A disused loft or garage space would better serve as an additional room. Think about what type of room you would really benefit from:

A new master bedroom, with a fitted en suite?

A guest bedroom, so that you can finally have friends stay over, without crashing on the sofa?

A home office, so you don't have to balance your laptop on your lap?

A home cinema, with a 60-inch screen and surround sound?

A playroom, for the kids?

A games room - with a pool table, and some vintage arcade games?

A gym, to help save on those monthly subscription costs?


Why convert the loft?

Whether you've laid some boards down for your Christmas decorations to sit on, or the base of your attic consists of nothing but insulation, you'll probably agree that your loft shows a lot of wasted potential. It's a huge, empty space above your head - and it would certainly be a lot more useful as one of the suggestions above! Consult with a loft conversion company, to work out what type of loft room you and your home would really benefit from. A carefully though-out loft conversion could increase the value of a house by 15-30%!


Why work with a loft conversion company?

Companies which specialise in loft conversions offer a good solution, because they will have a team of designers and a wealth of trusted builders, to pull together and insure your converted loft space works well, and look great. Whereas a correctly-done loft conversion will increase the value of your home, a poorly-done DIY project could decrease the value of your home. Contractors will also help out with any permissions you may need (should you live in a Conservation Area or a top-floor flat) as well as helping you meet any other necessary requirements - fire regulations, suitable staircase, etc.


Renovate the garage

Before doing anything, contact your local planning authority to check that it's okay to convert your garage space.

So you've got a garage. But do you really use it? Do you like to stop in front of it every time you come home from work or the shops, get out, open the garage door, get back in your car, shunt forwards, squeeze out into the slim gap between the car and the wall, and then pull the garage door down again? They're a pain, and they're often too slim to comfortably park a car in, without fearing you're going to irreparably damage the sides. Often, we end up parking on the drive, or on the verge - and our garage becomes the place where we store the kids' folded-up Frozen tent - or the Karcher power washer. Things that could quite as comfortably live in the shed.


Creating a room in the garage is, in some ways, a much easier process. You already have a solid, ground-level concrete floor. You already have overhead lighting, and probably even sockets. The walls are probably bare-brick, but getting a plasterer in isn't too costly. And there's most likely a door connecting the garage to the inner bowels of the house already (which is essential). If there is no adjoining door, get one! Speak to a builder about your conversion project. Have them remove the garage door, and brick it up - leaving a square the size of the window you want to have fitted. Get a window installation company to fit the window for you. This will provide the converted garage space with its own natural light. You may need to have a radiator fitted, if there is not one present. Once this is all done, you have an empty extra room - a blank canvas - ready to decorate, and convert into whatever space you want.


Small home office


Decorating Your Converted Loft or Garage: The Finishing Touches

Whether you're constructing an awesome home cinema, a tranquil study, a fun-packed kid's play room, a guest bedroom with en suite, or simply an additional bathroom, it will come to the point where the plaster is dry, the sub-floor is clean, and it's time to add those homely finishing decorating touches.


Tiles are a great option for any interior space. They're robust, easy to clean, quick to install, affordable, and they add value to a home. Their hard-wearing qualities are especially useful in an area designed for children - where toys are likely to hit the floor often.


Now, thanks to the latest inkjet technology, tiles can also take on a lot of authentic-looking guises:


Wood effect tiles are alive with wood-grain, knots and texture. They're often so realistic, guests won't be able to tell the difference. They're perfect for adding a rich and warm appearance to any interior area, and they fit in well with any colour scheme. We offer numerous wood effect designs; from simple planks, through to decorative parquet effects.


wood effect tiles living room


Stone effects are perfect for areas where we want to create a tranquil, soothing effect. Stone effects take us right back to nature - thus, have a wholesome, soothing quality. Perfect for using in a bathroom area - where the aim of a good bath is to relax and unwind.


marble effect tiles


Once your walls and floors are taken care of, it's time to start adding your furniture and accessories - completing your converted loft or garage!



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