Ador Marble Effect Tiles: Luxury Dining Room


If you visited the Ideal Home Show 2018, you’ll probably have spotted this luxurious Precious Metals Dining Room! Part of the Good Homes Room Sets, the room had a focus on rich metallic tones and lavish stone!

Our Ador Marble Effect Tiles were used to create the stunning feature floor.



Dark marble: A Glamorous new trend

Marble has been a popular stone type for some time now, and we put that down to its wonderful, characterful veining. These swishing lines help to create a unique and bespoke look on the wall or floor space where they’re applied.

Up to now, white marble has been widely considered as the king of the stones, but now there’s a new look in town. Black marble has landed!



Say hello to Nero Marquina

Nero Marquina, which is a type of black marble from Spain, has exploded in popularity of late. A dark face with white veining, it instantly adds a warm, inviting and luxurious finish to any surface it touches!

Although they’re made from durable porcelain, our stylish Ador Nero Marble Tiles perfectly encapsulate the look is this highly-sought after Spanish stone!



Natural marble vs marble effect

So what’s the point in making porcelain tiles look like marble tiles? Why not just opt for natural marble tiles in the first place?

Firstly, natural marble tiles tend to be a little bit more expensive. So if you have a tighter budget, you’ll likely want to opt for a marble effect alternative.


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Secondly, natural marble tiles are porous – so to protect them from dirt, moisture and stains, you’ll need to seal them. Marble effect tiles don’t require sealing.

Thirdly, natural marble tiles aren’t as resistant to scratching and marking as their porcelain and ceramic alternatives!



Perfect for patterns

It’s not just the tiles themselves that can be used to create a stylish and eye-catching statement in your home. The actual pattern or layout you choose to lay them in can also help to create a stunning look.

Whilst square tiles are a little harder to make into a striking pattern, plank-shaped tiles such as our Ador Nero Marble Effect Tiles are ideal for playing around with different layouts. In this Good Homes dining area room set, they’ve been used to create a room-stealing herringbone design!



If you love these Ador Nero Marble Tiles, and you want to take a closer look, go and order a sample.



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