With the craze of Moroccan Tiles dominating the world of interior design, pattern tiles are a very trendy choice for any home decorating project. More appropriately, a mixture of different patterns; a patchwork of patterns, if you like. That's where our Magisterial Chelsea Tiles come into frame. Inspired by vintage Victorian designs, similar to Minton Hollins, they consist of strong period patterns; a mix of antique floral charm and geometric glitz. The collection consists of five different ranges. Allow us to take you through each one:


Lucy Tiles - A Flourishing Floral Theme



With its main decor tile named 'Floweret,' it's not hard to guess that these tiles are heavily inspired by the efflorescent world. The colourful decor motifs consist of four main colours; green, dark blue, dark red, and a pale, watery orange. The simple colour theme achieves a lot; with captivating floral scrolls dominating each tile.




Accompanying the striking decor tiles are the Catalina Blue and Bondi Blue Plain Tiles - rich, aquatic, soothing blues with an aged, characterful crackled finish. They perfectly compliment the Lucy Floweret Decor Tiles. Use them to frame a block of decor pieces, or create a powerful chequerboard effect.


Tangier Wall Tiles - Vibrant Vintage



Influenced by a mix of Moroccan designs and striking Victorian feature tiles, this range of Tangier Wall Tiles is perfect for bringing a dull, drab wall space to life. They allow you to create a captivating, lavish feature wall in your bathroom, kitchen or living area. The main Antique Decor Wall Tile consists of 14 different designs, distributed randomly to ensure a good mix.


They're made up of three main colours; a medium blue, a light blueish-grey, and the off-white background, and have a shimmering gloss sheen. They have a textured, aged finish, which lends them both charm and character. Alongside the decor tiles are two crackle-effect effect single-colour tiles; a matching blue, and a matching white. Both make for perfect companions in a tiling display.


Lissome Tiles - Slim and Stylish



A breath of fresh air in the world of wall tiling, these slim Lissome Tiles are a great way to bring a retro twist to a wall area in need of some tender love and care. Unusually slim for a metro brick-shaped tile, the neatly bevelled edges are great for adding definition to an otherwise flat, plain space.




At 75x30mm, they are a refreshing twist on the popular trend of Metro Tiles - a vintage theme that originates from the subway designs of the 1920s. They're available in five colours - bright, uplifting white; cool, calm Argent grey, warm Butterscotch, creamy Cornsilk, and dark, contemporary black.


Tangier Floor Tiles - Alluring Antique


For every wall there is a floor - and for our chic and stylish range of Tangier Wall Tiles, there are these delightful Tangier Floor Tiles. Using the same colours - hazy blues and light blue-greys on an off-white backdrop, they take on the same 14 designs (a mix of decorative floral scrolls and striking pattern prints). Unlike the glossy Wall Tiles, the Floor variety have a soft matt finish. Taking away that gleam allows you to pay more attention to the fine detail of the tiles. Similarly to the Tangier Wall Tiles, they have that same textured, aged, antique appearance; perfect for adding character to your floor areas.


Yuan Tiles - The Opulent Orient



These Yuan Tiles embrace the obsession Victorian Brits had with the orient. All over Victorian Britain, crockery factories set to work recreating ancient Chinese patterns. These tiles pay tribute to that craze - and, now that the Oriental trend has made a comeback, they allow you to invite it into your home. The decor tiles consist of four different designs; a charming flower, a mystical hippogriff, an excitable dog, and a sail boat at full mast. Each figure sits at the heart of a white hexagon, and is framed with a decorative hashed border. You can seamlessly sit the tiles next to each other, or, if you'd rather create a chequered effect, you can combine them with the Catalina Blue and Bondi Blue Plain Tiles from the same range.


So there you have it - our collection of Magisterial Chelsea Tiles. What do you make of them? Which range is your favourite?



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