Stay safe with our anti-slip tiles

You may be a parent that doesn’t want your children slipping over at home and hurting themselves, if someone has spilt something. Or you may be a business, who wants to keep it’s Health and Safety rating high and make sure your customers are safe.

Health and Safety is important. That’s where Walls and Floors come in, with our range of anti-slip tiles.

There’s no reason why your floors can’t look stylish and be safe at the same time. And it doesn’t have to break the bank either.

Whether your business needs new tiles for swimming pools, changing rooms or your home needs new tiles for the kitchen, many of our tiles have an anti-slip rating of R11.

Here’s a selection of our top Anti-slip tiles, but you can see many more on the Walls and Floors website.

Cadiz Tiles

Anti-Slip Rating: R10

Available in an array of popular floor colours, the Cadiz tiles are perfect for your commercial and domestic needs. Prices start from £14 per square metre.

Find out more about the Cadiz Tiles >

Solo Anti-Slip Tiles

Anti-Slip Rating: R11

Perfect for bathrooms and wetrooms, these tiles have a riven finish and are extremely hard wearing and easy to keep clean, which makes them a good fit for commercial applications.

Find out more about the Solo Anti-Slip Tiles >

Vogue Tiles

Anti-Slip Rating: R12

This great multi-purpose range or shaded ceramic floor tiles gives you that subtle textured surface which has a great Health and Safety rating. Like them? Prices start from £18 a square metre.

Find out more about the Vogue Tiles >


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