Here's a recent Ask the Experts interview from Good Homes Magazine featuring our exclusive designer Louisa Charlotte...



Q. Have you identified any specific interior trends for 2017/18?
Louisa Says: Through my own extensive research and business trips to Europe, Interior design is set to allow more room for personal experimentation within home styling; this includes a play on not only colour combinations but shape, size and texture, whilst still focusing on key elements found in current design trends such as bringing the outdoors in right through to extracting the old from the new – Carrara Marbles, Hexagons and natural textures will be present throughout.


History Refreshed

Q. What are the key tile trends for 2017/18?
Louisa Says: An eclectic rebellion will come from striking patterns and geometrics in bold shades taking centre stage in homes – especially hallways and dining areas. Colour combinations will be slightly muted but feature strong accents of vibrancy with high shine metals creating an element of luxury; Teal tones continue to work harmoniously alongside copper and brass. A strong continued theme set to grow is extracting the old from the new – the inclusion of reclaimed wood and metal mixed with vintage styling is perfectly imperfect; allowing your home to tell a story, connecting every room.



Timeless Style

Q: I need to update both my bathroom and Kitchen, what tiles should I choose that will still be on trend for the next few years?
Louisa Says: The classic metro tile has been at the forefront of interior design for many years now and it not set to leave the top spot anytime soon. This versatile bevelled brick tile available in over 400 styles is adaptable to all of the latest interior fashions.
For traditional Victorian monochrome styling try a classic brick bond layout with white grout, combined with encaustic effect flooring; alternatively try a take on industrial luxe using the ultimate style statement; a herringbone layout with charcoal grout, paired with a rustic floor in either a reclaimed wood or concrete effect design - both designs completely timeless and will still look great in years to come.



Creative Compositions

Q. How can I add the wow factor to my home with tiles?
Louisa Says: Patterned tiles are a perfect go to if you wish to make a bold statement in the home; encaustic style flooring in hallways and living areas will certainly provide the Wow factor with their bold colours and geometric shapes; the beauty of these statement tiles is that you can effortlessly piece together a stunning focal point – choosing a monochrome design would also allow you to take on seasonal change with accent colours – once again making your floor a long term investment.
To really showcase a statement floor, keep your walls fairly minimal in terms of colour with simple shaped furniture – personally my favourite way to incorporate these vibrant patterns into a room is to frame them with a coordinating plain tile creating a unique composition.



Sophisticated Sanctuary

Q. Can I tile my bedroom; will it be cold?
Louisa Says: I recently worked with a client using tiles in both the bedroom and living room – the results were amazing and extremely luxurious. Tiles are generally fixed onto ply wood in a bedroom creating layer of insulation thus allowing the tiles to keep a basic room temperature; no different to laminate, vinyl or natural wooden floor boards. I’m particularly fond of wood effect tiles in bedrooms; they provide natural textures aiding the base of a relaxing neutral colour palette which is often needed in a bedroom; For a more opulent approach; indulge in a herringbone or chevron layout with a coordinating feature wall this will provide a bedroom with the up-most sophistication.



Tantalising Touch

Q. What is the best way to add texture with tiles?
Louisa Says:
An instant and almost universal solution would be to incorporate a Split face tiled feature, these tiles produce a modern, textural, undulating form; assisting in the creation of fascinating designs. From natural slates to wood effects they can be used in any room of the home to build a intense character.
Alternatively a great way to add subtle texture would be to offset every bold glossy colour with a matt hue, not only does this achieve a balanced look but it allows you to enhance your home interiors with personal style, keep in mind both natural and artificial lighting when making your selection. Neutral hues fuse well with pretty much all textures – if you want to keep it bright and fresh stay white – walls and floors offer a wide selection of white tiles and mixed mosaics in varying finishes from only £3.95/Sqm!



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