Great Scott! I've created a decor scheme based on one of my favourite childhood movies, Back to the Future! Created some time-travelling 1950s magic in your home this season with this simple Back to the Future Decor Scheme.


decor scheme back to the future


If you haven't seen the film, it's a time travel adventure starring Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd Dr Emmett Brown. Marty is a typical 80's teenager who is accidentally sent back in time to 1955 by a plutonium powered time machine in the shape of a DeLorean. The Back to the Future Decor Scheme I've put together is inspired by the clock tower and diner which are important places in the film. I've also added some awesome accessories that are inspired by the movie!


Back to the Future Decor Scheme - not too heavy!

Back to the future decor scheme


1. If you love artwork, then invite this awesome canvas into your home, because it will brighten up a bland wall space. Back to the Future Print - 16x20", £79.00, Amara.

2. To create the rustic look of the movie's infamous clock tower, you'll need a wall of red bricks. If you don't have that available in your home, cheat, and use these Traditional Red Brick Slip Effect Tiles, £29.95 / Sqm, Walls and Floors!

3. Add the cool, glimmering, metallic sheen of the Delorean into your home with these Brick Shaped Metal Tiles, £15.95 / Sheet, Walls and Floors.

4. Want to truly inject some retro charm into your interiors? Treat yourself to this  LEFF Amsterdam 24 Hour Brick Clock by Erwin Termaat, Silver, £229.00, John Lewis.

5. The Flux Capacitor is a key part in the film; it's what catapults our characters back in time, once the DeLorean hits 88 miles per hour. Invite this icon into your home with this Chronological Fluctuation Capacitance Mechanism Wall Clock by Forge22_Design, £32.50, CafePress.

6. Love the look of the 1950's cafe? Recreate it in your home with this lovely red Wesco Pushboy Bin, 50L, £99.99, John Lewis.

7. Show off your love of the film to your friends by adding this Back to the Future Cushion by avoidperil to your sofa - From £13.51, RedBubble.

8. Gloss Chequer Black & White Large Tiles, £3.95/sheet, Walls and Floors.



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