The staff at Walls and Floors all rose to the occasion this morning and tested their baking skills in the first Great Walls and Floors Bake Off in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support, raising £374 for the charity.

11 Bakers from across the company competed to see who the Chouxstopper was and who was half baked. With the competition judged by the expert eyes of CEO Duncan Lewin and Managing Director John Steel.

The bunting and balloons were put out, flags were raised and the kettle boiled as Walls and Floors got ready for heated competition.

The competition was judged in four different categories – Texture, Presentation, Creativity and most importantly Taste, with the icing on the cake, the potential of an elusive John Steel handshake, the bakers were all keen to see who would come out on top.



There was stiff competition from across the company, with the tables full of goodies from brownies to roulade to pie there was a real variety skill on show, so much so and extra table had to be put out to fit it all on!
With 20 points available in each category Christina from Sales won with her Oreo Triple Layer Chocolate cake. With a unanimous vote from both directors and 60 points.

Ops director and Judge John Steel said, ‘I am really impressed with the efforts of our staff, the quality was top notch, it would give those guys on the telly a run for their money!’

The rest of the entries (and a few extras) were put on sale to the rest of the team to raise funds for MacMillan Cancer Support. Much to the delight of everyone as the sale made this morning tea break a lot more enjoyable as staff from all over the company and different departments got together to enjoy a coffee, cake and a chat. With everyone having their own opinions on what cake was best, however everyone agreed that this should become an annual event with the possibility to raise even more funds for charity.



The Bake off was organised by Anna Thurland who said, ‘I decided to run a Macmillan Bake off at Walls and Floors to support the MacMillan nurses who helped when my grandma was diagnosed with Cancer. I think it’s essential to support charities and a bake off is a great excuse to bring the business together to enjoy a nice slice of cake.’



McMillan have been supporting people diagnosed with Cancer for over 100 years and continue to do their amazing work with the ethos that they treat you as a person, not a patient and help you overcome the diagnosis in whatever way they can.

Whether it’s the person diagnosed or the family McMillan are a trusted support network and Walls and Floors are happy to support them.



For more information on McMillan and the fantastic work that they do and how you can help visit



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