Barbiecore Interiors: Create your Dream House with Our Pink Interior Ideas

Barbiecore has taken the design world by storm, not only in fashion and beauty, but in interiors too! With the release of the 2023 film Barbie, there’s masses of excitement surrounding the new popular trend – Barbiecore. The iconic shade of hot pink that we all know and love is one that sparks a sense of joy and creativity in the home. It’s vibrancy awakens us and brings back those childhood memories of how we all wanted our bedroom to look. Pink is commonly associated with more feminine designs, but this doesn’t always have to be the case, with modern interiors adopting pink more and more. To help you keep on top of the trends and design your very own Barbie Dream House, we bring you our top pink interior ideas…

1 – Dusty Rose Bathrooms

If the extreme hot pink shade isn’t one that you can get behind, we love the look of dusty rose shades throughout the home too! Dusty pinks offer a more muted look with a darker feel to them, creating a more neutral look. They look beautiful when paired with gold accessories throughout the space, which can also result in a classic Art Deco style. Our Capsule Powder Room tiles are the ideal muted shade that compliments this bathroom scheme perfectly. Bathrooms often become lacklustre and boring as they’re a difficult room to build character in, but pink tiles are certain to do the job!

Dusty pink square wall tiles across bathroom splashback with white basin and gold accents throughout pink interior.
Above, Capsule Powder Room Tiles

2 – Contrast with Navy

To introduce a colour palette we know you’ll love, we suggest welcoming a deep shade of navy blue to the room you’re introducing pink to. Blue and pink are a classic pairing that always do well together. They combine that sense of modern style with a traditional navy twist that we love. It feels familiar yet still new and exciting. When used throughout the kitchen, pink can be really inspiring, encouraging us to spend more time in the heart of the home and cook up a storm! Navy blue is a darker choice for the kitchen which may feel daunting at first, but keep it a bright enough shade so that you don’t lose the beauty of the blue, and you’re onto a winner!

Navy blue kitchen cabinets with black and white patterned flooring and chevron pink metro wall tiles.
Above, Chatham Rose Brick Tiles

3 – Patterned Pink

To add even more character and texture to your space, introduce a pink patterned tile, for a truly unique and bold scheme that is sure to impress. We love the variation of patterned pink tiles as they can appear delicate and feminine, but modern and contemporary at the same time! Pastel geometrics achieve this varied look perfectly and result in a Moroccan feel, ideal for any area of the home, from the bedroom to the garden! Our Kandi Bonbon Pattern tiles achieve a beautifully Barbie outdoor seating area, complemented by the perfect pink Barbie side table to complete the look.

Pastel pink and green patterned tiles across outdoor seating area with pink side table and green cushions.
Above, Kandi Bonbon Pattern Wall and Floor Tile

4 – Luxurious Pink Marble

Marble is known for its luxury and expense, creating opulent schemes that scream glam. To take this one step further, why not welcome pink marble?! Pink marble creates a beautifully elegant look that compliments a range of rooms and styles, particularly the dreamy Barbie one. Paired with gold and white accessories, the room it’s used in will appear expensive, giving off the vibe of a top 5-star hotel, what more could you want? Our Peach Onyx Effect Tiles capture this look and feel perfectly, styled into a fancy bathroom scheme packed with originality and character.

Pink marble tiles in luxurious pink and gold scheme with marble floor tiles for pink interior ideas.
Above, Peach Onyx Effect Tiles

5 – Trendy Terrazzo

Welcoming the character and detailing that comes with terrazzo effect tiles will ensure a truly unique and ‘one-of-a-kind’ look. Terrazzo stone is a trend that has stormed over the interior design world in recent years, and we love the variation our range of terrazzo effect tiles can create. We have options available from Terrazzo with larger speckles to tiles in a hexagonal format that create a truly modern and contemporary look. The pink in our Terrazzo Hexagon Nevada tiles is a deeper shade with masses of detail in the various shades of speckling.

Pink terrazzo effect hexagon tile for pink interior ideas, featuring white wall mounted sink and matt black taps creating contemporary look.
Above, Terrazzo Hexagon Nevada Pink Porcelain Tile

6 – Malibu Barbie

We love the feeling of a tropical interior design that makes us feel like we’re away on holiday in the warm sunshine. Tropical leafy patterns throughout the home can work wonders for achieving this, and transport you to somewhere other than rainy Britain. We love the way green and pink compliment one another within interiors, and the colour combo is one that is gaining popularity by the minute within interior design. The popular colour scheme creates a modern look with a trendy twist, proven by the combination of our Covent Garden Gloss Pink tiles and this gorgeous leafy wallpaper. It’s giving us serious Beverly Hills hotel vibes!

Vibrant pink splashback in bathroom with tropical leaf wallpaper above splashback, black bathroom accents run throughout bathroom.
Above, Covent Garden Gloss Pink Metro Tiles

7 – Pale in Pink

If paler pinks are more your thing, they can still be just as effective in creating that dream Barbie look. Paler pinks exude a more classy and understated feel that can either compliment a traditional and pared-back scheme, or can be dressed up to compliment something a bit more maximalist and extravagant. The shade of pink you use will always depend on personal style, but paler pinks are the perfect way of embracing the colour without committing to something too overpowering or over the top. Pair with luxurious accessories for that hotel vibe, or with natural textures and colours for a more varied feel that’s packed with character.

Pastel pink tiles in a black and white bathroom scheme with shot of sink, countertop and wall above splashback is terrazzo effect texture with pink speckles.
Above, Angel Gloss Pink Metro Tiles

There you have our Barbie inspired pink interior ideas, perfect for those of us that are pink obsessed! Don’t forget to tag us in pictures of your own pink designs on Instagram, @Wallsandfloors, we love seeing what you’ve been up to!

Lucy Tillyard
Lucy Tillyard